We’ve been writing about the growth of Kinomap for quite a while, most recently with their Strava segment video integration. Now the European interactive video-based indoor training app officially rolls out in the US as a Zwift alternative for those who prefer Kinomap’s real world videos to a computer generated environment.

Kinomap video-based virtual indoor cycling training

With the US launch, Kinomap offers more opportunities to virtually train on real roads from the comfort (or pain) & convenience of your indoor trainer setup. Interactive indoor cycling training doesn’t have to feel live a video game. Instead of an avatar riding in a virtual rendered world, Kinomap allows riders to virtually train on physical roads. And you still get the structure to take advantage of their Core Interval Training features on real roads.

Cyclist still get to compete with other riders in the simulated environment, but can do so on a catalog of pre-recorded real roads, mostly in the US & Europe. Users can even upload their own videos to train on familiar roads no matter the weather outside.

Multi-player virtual competition

With the US rollout also comes a new multi-player feature. Now you can challenge other riders around the globe to compete in real-time. Go head-to-head on real courses, directly from the Kinomap app.

Forming the base of the training app, Kinomap has around 70,000 miles of user-generated videos. All of it synced to real mapping of the roads you work out on. In the US that includes famous routes like Big Sur’s ocean ride (which may not be around in real life for long…) and Oregon’s Twin Bridges Loop, with plenty of roads through the France & Italy, both in the countryside & mountains. Plus they’ve started expanding off road with both mountain bike trails and cyclocross courses in their catalog.

Cross training on Kinomap

The latest update to Kinomap also offers more flexibility. So cyclists can now get off the rollers for a bit of cross training too. The updated app combines the cycling Trainer App & Fitness App to create one place to combine all styles of video training. Break up the monotony on the indoor trainer, and pace your training videos to work with a treadmill or rowing machine as well.

The updated Kinomap App with its new multi-player feature & multi-sport compatibility is available now for mobile platforms in both Android and iOS. There are free rides availble to try it out, with a subscription service for access to the full route catalog.


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4 years ago

Does Kinomap have any plans to expand to desktop operating systems?

4 years ago

Not yet! Only mobile App but most users run it on a smartphone with hdmi adaptor to the second display, AppleTv for iOS or Chromecast for Android. The interface is optimized for a 2nd display. Have a try with the free version of the App

Ric Liang
Ric Liang
4 years ago

Hows this different than Rouvy, which at least lets you use/cast from a laptop

4 years ago

Has Kinomap FINALLY come out with an Android compatible app. That is why I don’t use it.