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Kitzuma’s box-free, ready-to-ride bicycle delivery service goes coast to coast

Kitzuma Cycling Logistics, van in driveway
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Kitzuma Cycling Logistics only launched their pre-assembled bike deliveries a few months ago, but they’re already expanding their service to anywhere in the USA (excluding Alaska and Hawaii). Late in 2020 Kitzuma started pilot programs with a major multi-brand bike group in Eastern USA, and soon found themselves facing more demand than expected. Since business is already booming, Kitzuma has decided to offer deliveries nation-wide as of January 25th – much earlier than initially planned.

All the brands who joined Kitzuma’s pilot programs have now signed on to the national delivery service, and the company is actively negotiating to get more bike companies on board. To ensure efficient deliveries, Kitzuma Cycling Logistics plans to assemble an appropriately named ‘hub and spoke’ network with major and regional shipping ‘hubs’ scattered across the USA. Currently their service is only available to manufacturers, distributors and re-sellers, but Kitzuma plans to offer deliveries to individual consumers in the near future.

Kitzuma Cycling Logistics, inside van
*Photo (and title shot) c. Justin Mitchell

Kitzuma offers a box-free, white-glove, ready-to-ride bicycle delivery service. They pick up factory assembled bikes from the manufacturer, and deliver the bike ‘ready-to-ride’ to the retailer or consumer. Their vans are specially equipped to carry any kind of complete bike, whether it’s a road bike, city cruiser or an e-bike. Each bicycle is individually racked and covered for safe and secure transportation. Upon delivery Kitzuma’s drivers are trained to assist with basic bike setup needs like handlebar and seat adjustments, installing bottle cages or cycle computers, and setting your suspension sag.

Kitzuma Cycling Logistics, map image

Kitzuma says their shipping times and costs are comparable to major shipping companies, if not better… they claim many deliveries can be completed within 3-6 days. Kitzuma handles every step of delivery, so no bikes ever get passed on to a third-party courier.

Both the manufacturer and customer receive regular updates from Kitzuma’s dispatch team while bikes are in transit, and their delivery drivers will contact recipients on the delivery day as well. Furthermore, Kitzuma is developing their own software platform to optimize efficiency, tracking and customer communication.

Kitzuma Cycling Logistics, delivery guy
*Photo c. Justin Mitchell

There are some perceivable advantages to Kitzuma’s delivery service: First off, there’s very little chance of shipping damage as the bikes are complete and properly secured in Kitzuma’s vans and trucks, not being tossed around in a box. In fact, they guarantee every bike will be delivered in perfect condition. Also, if their claims hold true, Kitzuma might be a cheaper and faster option than a traditional courier, and they promise it’ll be easy to track shipments.

Manufacturers can save some time by building bikes and shipping them out complete, as opposed to building, then partially disassembling and boxing the bikes for traditional shipping. Retailers could opt to have fully assembled bikes delivered, saving them the time and money of having their own mechanics re-assemble boxed bicycles. Of course any reputable shop would still check over and/or test ride the bikes, but that’s still much quicker than building them up.

The big advantages for consumers (when the service becomes available) will be the convenience of home delivery, assistance with bike setup, and reduced chance of theft. Having a complete bike show up at your door with someone there to help with the fine-tuning is handy, and since you actually meet with the driver your bike won’t be dropped off (probably in a well-marked box!) and left vulnerable to porch pirates.

Kitzuma Cycling Logistics, van driving
*Photo c. Edde Burgess

The main limitation of Kitzuma’s service is that a shop (or eventually consumer) can only request pre-assembled delivery from bike brands who have partnered with the company. For more information, interested parties can submit an inquiry via Kitzuma Cycling Logistics’ website.


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3 years ago

Click bait.

Why is this crap on this site?

We have to click through (clicks equal $) in order to even see what brands are involved? No pricing shown?

Cmon bikerumor. You can do better. Right?

Douglas McSoupbath
Douglas McSoupbath
3 years ago
Reply to  Thesteve4761

Steve, dude chill out this is just a post on a shipping option.

2 years ago

I’ve contacted kitzuma 4 different times in 4 different ways and received no response to my inquiry. They are ghosting me. Their Facebook message person did respond to me, but was unhelpful. I suggest avoiding this company.

1 year ago
Reply to  Tom

Hi Tom,

This is the person who you spoke with on Facebook. If you’d like, please email chris@kitzuma.com and he can help you. No one is ghosting you and it isn’t personal, sometimes a small company gets busy. We are doing the best we can to work out the kinks. Sorry for being unhelpful before.

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