Knog PWR Solar folds up 10W of photovoltaic charging power as small as an iPhone

Knog’s portable PWR bikepacking power lineup goes self-sufficient with an ultra-compact new folding PWR Solar panel setup to recharge your adventures. Packing 10W of charging power that folds down almost as small as an iPhone Max, the new Knog PWR Solar could reshape how you keep all your electronic gadgets charged on multi-day bikepacking and adventure gravel bike rides…

Knog PWR Solar 10W ultra-portable photovoltaic panel

Knog’s PWR lineup got off to a rocky crowdfunding start several years ago, but has steadily evolved into a wide-ranging modular lineup of interchangeable PWR bank battery packs, on & off the bike lights, wireless speaker, and even a camp lantern they say is great for bikepacking. But all of those existing PWR systems relied on pre-charging batteries at home before the start of your adventure.

Now, the new folding Solar 10W PV panels – which Knog previewed in their ‘In The Wild‘ feature on YouTube last summer – will power your gadgets on the go…

Tech details

Knog PWR Solar 10W, folding compact photovoltaic panel bikepacking solar charger, detail

all images c. Knog

The Knog PWR Solar 10W is a compact folding set of four Sunpower Maxeon GEN 5 monocrystalline photovoltaic panels, with a built-in solar charge controller outputting a max 10Wp at 5V via a single USB port – an estimated 2A. Pair it with a power bank battery to store power for later, or charge your electronic device directly.

But the folding PWR Solar 10W isn’t meant to charge while you ride. The entire 5-part solar power setup is held together in a durable, rubberized case that accordion folds compactly for travel, and weighs a claimed 450g.

Knog PWR Solar 10W, folding compact photovoltaic panel bikepacking solar charger, closed folded

When closed it measures just 167mm tall x 97mm wide (compare that to a 161 x 78mm iPhone 12/13 Pro Max, or a 127 x 72mm regular iPhone), and is 35mm thick. Extended out to harvest the energy of the sun, the Knog PWR Solar 10W measures 540mm long x 175mm tall.

Knog PWR Solar 10W, folding compact photovoltaic panel bikepacking solar charger, dimensions, size vs. iPhone

Magnets inside the case keep it close, but also make it easy to stick the panels to a large metal object when positioning it to catch the best rays of sun. Or hang the solar panels from the built-in D-ring, or simply lean it against a larger object facing the sun.

Knog PWR Solar 10W, folding compact photovoltaic panel bikepacking solar charger, LED indicators

A set of 4 LEDs indicates good capture of solar energy to aid setup, and to show how fast it is charging your connected device.

Knog PWR Solar 10W, folding compact photovoltaic panel bikepacking solar charger, bikepacking setup

I have to admit that I’d love to try it out. But at the same time, I’d really want to strap it on top of a big bikepacking saddlebag to see if it would survive charging as I ride, and not just waiting for camp at the end of the day.

Knog PWR Solar 10W – Pricing & availability

Knog PWR Solar 10W, folding compact photovoltaic panel bikepacking solar charger, open

The new Knog PWR Solar 10W foldable photovoltaic panel set will sell for a relatively reasonable $100 / 115€.  That’s about the same price as you’d pay for a similar output mobile 10Wp PV panel from other trusted companies like Biolite or GoalZero. You can surely find a cheaper folding solar charger on Amazon.

But Knog’s solution looks to be much more compact and claims to use more efficient photovoltaic cells than pretty much any other comparable setup we’ve seen.

Knog PWR Solar 10W, folding compact photovoltaic panel bikepacking solar charger, camp

The trick, you can’t buy it just yet.

We’ve spotted the PWR Solar panel in a couple of online shops where you can preorder it now. But real availability online from Kong and their official retailers is expected in about one month’s time, in early March 2022.

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None Given
None Given
9 months ago

Nope, I will just idle my V8 car and let the phone charge. Far less pollution than that disposable gadget.

9 months ago

No mention of waterproofness – the device is worthless if this is absent.

Def Defy
Def Defy
9 months ago
Reply to  satanas

COMPLETELY WORTHLESS! I always like to charge things while it’s raining.

9 months ago

I have a nominal 10W polymer encapsulated panel that weighs 80g & cost $25. It doesn’t fold, but is still just 240mm x 140mm, so could be used to charge on the move. It claims IP64.

$75 & 370g extra for the Knog brand is a lot!

9 months ago
Reply to  Milessio

Sounds great, why go for Knog brand when your product sounds soooooo much better!

John Pedersen
John Pedersen
9 months ago

I have a 10 watt folding solar charger like that, but with the panels. I made an aluminium support for it that goes over the front wheel so it can charge while I’m going south. Used it on a ride to Santander, another to Southern France and one from Mumbai to Cochin. Worked fine. On sunny days it was sufficient to enable me to use the navigation app on the phone all day. Less sunny days, is just have to turn the screen of when it wasn’t essential.