Until now, Kogel Bearings only offered this Royal Blue color to their sponsored pro riders. Now, they’ve made a limited run of blue derailleur pulleys for 11-speed road and SRAM 12-speed Eagle mountain bike groups. To go with it, they’re celebrating a collaboration with Aaron Gwin and the YT-Mob this year, offering custom engraved blue bottom brackets for the entire team. For our friends to join in the celebration, we made 50 sets of the blue PF30-386 bottom bracket available for sale.

And, available exclusively through YT Mob’s store, you can get these co-branded versions while they last. Retail for the standard blue BB starts at $199, and the YT-branded ones are going for €225 (and includes a YT Mob t-shirt). The branded one is only available in a PF30 option, running ceramic bearings, same as what the team is riding with their e*Thirteen cranks.

They also just released a new Fire Engine Red option for the road and Eagle pulleys, and the road ones have already sold out (so if you’ve got $10,000, they’ll open production back up for you). But, the Eagle pulleys are still available in all three (red, blue, gold) for $149.99, and they’ve got a few gold and blue road ones still on offer for $139.99 a set.



  1. Dexter on

    I have had a few pulleys. Ceramic, CNC alloy, narrow and wide, POM and a few Red and DA ones. Metal ones are the worst. Noisy and clunky. Go buy some POM pulleys for like 10 dollars.

    • Crash Bandicoot on

      Agreed. Went the whole metal matchy matchy route once never again. 6800 level pulleys work perfectly this stuff is always a laugh. Guys spend hundreds on ceramic this and that to save 2-3 watts but they can’t even hold an Interval +-5 watts. Still they’re serving a need and Ard is a super good guy so I guess not such a bad thing.


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