Kogel is looking to go big on SRAM eTap AXS. Apparently after quite a while in development, the company has just unveiled their first SRAM compatible oversized derailleur cage. Naturally, that’s aimed for the current top end SRAM components, eTap AXS.

Kogel Kolossos crams oversized pulleys into SRAM eTap AXS derailleurs

Like Kogel’s other Kolossos cages, the eTap AXS version claims to not only reduced drivetrain friction, but also offer the stiffest cage on the market for shifting accuracy. Using a 14t upper and 19t lower pulley combo, the cage replaces the stock 12t pulleys found on the SRAM derailleurs. Kogel states that this cage can be used on any bike with an eTap AXS drivetrain – road, TT, gravel, or otherwise.

Kogel Kolossos crams oversized pulleys into SRAM eTap AXS derailleurs

Compatible with SRAM Red and Force eTap AXS derailleurs, the cage is an upgrade to existing derailleurs and will require you to replace the existing cage on your derailleur with the one from Kogel.

Available for pre-order with shipping expected in the second week of June 2020, pricing is set at $349 for the pre-order sale. After that, it goes up to $399. Cages will be available in black, gold, or red.



  1. Carl B on

    I hate to be that guy, but 350$ bucks for a pulley system that might (or not) improve your efficiency and that might (or maybe not) worsen your shifting seems expensive. For that price, I would like some numbers on improved efficiency (even though most of these claimed improvement are often in more than ideal conditions). But hey, it looks cool and you can get it in red (red stuff = +10w in my book)! At least, I’m quite confident that these are better than the crap that Sram sells as jockey wheels.


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