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Komoot goes Premium with tour specific weather forecasts, exclusive discounts, & more maps

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For those looking for more features from their ride planning app, komoot is going Premium. If you’re already a komoot user, don’t worry – the features you know and love aren’t going away. But for the users who decide to pony up for the yearly subscription, there are some new features that are definitely worth talking about.

Komoot goes Premium with tour specific weather forecasts, exclusive discounts, & more maps

To us, one of the most useful features appears to be the new On-Tour Weather planner. How many times have you planned out a multi-day cycling tour and tried to search for individual weather data for the various points on your trip while trying to plan when you’re going to be there? Us too. Now imagine just looking up your planned tour on the app and getting a detailed weather forecast for every mile of the tour, for the time period that you’re expected to be there? Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Powered by darksky weather, the feature will provide expected temperatures, precipitation, UV-index, sunset time, and even wind speed and direction which could help you avoid some nasty headwind scenarios – or at least be prepared for them.

Komoot has even gone to add Smart Hints that will give you tips on preparing for the tour based on the expected conditions. This goes along with the multi-day planner feature which will help you plan out how long you will have to ride for each day of an extended tour based on your fitness, and the planned route. That way you can break down a massive ride into different stages to coordinate with your lodging plans.

Komoot goes Premium with tour specific weather forecasts, exclusive discounts, & more maps

Additional premium features include Sport Specific maps for cycling, mountain biking, and hiking with color coded trails and paths to make it easier for planning your adventure. Personal Collections will help you to store tours and highlights for your own personal history. Finally, komoot is adding “privileged pricing” as a way to get additional discounts on gear from your favorite brands (European market only).

Moving forward, komoot maps will be available for a one time fee of 3,99 – 29,99€, while the komoot premium subscription is 59,99€ a year.

There’s a lot going on with komoot premium and the new features, so to get all the info, check out the FAQs from komoot posted below.

When will komoot Premium be available for all users?

At this point all features will be available for residents of Germany and Austria, however for all other countries incl. the UK the insurance feature will not be available yet. Furthermore the discount feature will not be available outside our core European markets. We are working hard on introducing these features for users in our other markets in due course.

Will komoot Premium be available on all devices?

Komoot Premium is currently available for web and Android and will be available on all devices including iOS at the point of the launch. For iOS the Multi-Day-Planner will only be available to view but not to actively plan on the iOS device and purchasing komoot Premium will not be possible either. We will roll-out these functions on iOS in due course.

What’s the yearly subscription fee for komoot Premium?

The yearly subscription fee for komoot Premium is £59.99. Existing users who have previously unlocked all regions and decide to upgrade to komoot Premium, currently receive a discount of 50% for the first year – therefore only paying £30.00.

What’s going to happen to the current komoot offering?

Komoot Maps will of course continue with all functions that users are currently familiar with. Our new komoot Premium offer is geared at users with additional requirements, as they are out exploring a lot and are also planning longer or long-distance trips. Not every user will benefit from the additional features of the annual subscription, as it is simply too extensive for their needs – and for this group of users our well-known komoot Maps offer still exists. Furthermore we are continuously developing and improving both products – komoot Maps and komoot Premium, to ensure that each and every user gets the most out of their komoot experience. One example is the launch of HD maps (vector maps) – all users in the komoot family benefit from the advantages of this release and not only the Premium subscribers.

What’s going to happen to users who have already unlocked all regions?

Komoot Premium won’t change any of this. The complete package will remain for all users who have already bought this. Furthermore the complete package can still be bought by any user at the same pricing structure and with the same validity as before. In short: you do not need a subscription to get access to worldwide offline maps.

Why is komoot Premium important for the community?

We have around 8 million users – the biggest outdoor community in Europe, and users want to be part of this amazing family. By upgrading and signing up to komoot Premium, users are joining this special community and can enjoy advantages that are limited to this group.

Multi-Day Planner

How does komoot calculate the stages of a multi-day tour?

The following parameters are the basis for the calculation

  • Distance
  • Elevation Profile
  • Waytype Surface

Based on this a multi-day tour is calculated with the overall duration in number of days, that a person with average fitness would require to complete the tour. Of course you still have the possibility to fully adjust the tour to you personal requirements, for example if you prefer to spend more time on your bike than suggested.

How are POIs integrated?

We pull the information on hotels, campsites etc. from Open Street Map and display them in our maps. This enables users to directly see contact details for their overnight stay on their desktop or app and book their stay in the respective accommodation either via phone or email. Additionally where available we display recommendations and details about the accommodation from Tripadvisor or Yelp. There currently aren’t any plans to realise the same integration with AirBnB or Booking.com – however this could of course be an option for the future.

What’s going to happen to Highlights?

Highlights can still be added to the multi-day route as before. Highlights that are added and are located after the planned finish of the route will be removed unless you change the finish manually.

What’s so special about the over 150 ready-made Multi-day Tours?

These tours are especially planned and suggested by our editors. They are perfectly coordinated multi-day tours introducing new regions and destinations, and by doing so delivering new inspiration to experience even greater adventures. And each and every tour can be adjusted to the personal requirements of the user, for example if you want to spend more time per day exploring than intended.


What Weather Features are available?

The dynamic weather forecast is available as interactive feature in the Elevation profile for every single part of your route

  • Temperature
  • Precipitation
  • Wind speed and Direction
  • UV Index
  • Sunrise and Sunset

How accurate is the weather forecast?

Very accurate – our weather forecast is provided by darksky ( www.darksky.net ). The most accurate and reliable source of hyperlocal weather information – with up-to-the-minute forecasts for the current location. Basically there are no significant qualitative differences between darksky, AccuWeather and the other known forecasting services.

What exactly are Smart Hints?

Smart Hints are additional recommendations to prepare the users for their adventures. They for example point out whether the user should prepare with lights and high visibility clothing, as part of the route will be completed after sunset. Smart Hints also indicate whether strong winds are to be expected along the route (-> adjust the direction or start time) or whether the temperature will drop considerably at a certain point of the route (-> pack appropriate clothing).


What are the Personal Collections and what makes them so special?

Personal Collections are the perfect tool to organise tours and highlights and share them with friends. No more searching through a long list of adventure to find that one special tour amongst them! From now on you can save your routes by regions or sport and easily find them again. Furthermore, multi-day tours are automatically saved as collection in your user profile.

Sport-Specific Maps

Why are Sport-Specific maps so outstanding?

First of all: they are available mobile and you can save them for offline use. You can see official routes like national cycling paths, hiking trails and mountain bike singletracks just by selecting the respective sport.

Regional and national cycling paths are color-coded and labelled with their official marking. Hiking trails and mountain bike singletracks are color-coded in-line with their respective difficulty rating by SAC and STS. This means users will never miss-out on an amazing trail and are aware at any point, what level of difficulty to expect.

Premium Discounts

Which Brands are included in the Premium Discounts?

  • Over 900 brands with over 100,000 products are available in our partner shops.
  • At the point of launch the following partnerships exist for customers in the UK:
    • Bikester.co.uk
    • Addnature.co.uk
    • Further information on all other countries is available on request.
  • The advantages are
    • Permanent discounts also applicable for already reduced products.
    • No need to wait for a special sales offer – komoot Premium users can buy the products as and when they need them.
    • The partnership with well-known and large retailers enables us to provide a wide range of brands and products, therefore making the shopping experience extremely pleasant.


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