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Kona’s 2021 Remote e-MTB lineup offers you long, mid or no travel

Kona 2021 Remote 160 DL, angle
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Kona is a brand that prioritizes fun and good times, so it’s hardly surprising to see them expand their e-MTB offerings for next year. By giving us superhuman abilities, pedal assist bikes have brought an undeniable fun factor to mountain biking. In this article we’ll check out Kona’s three new models within the 2021 Remote e-MTB lineup.

2021 Kona Remote 160 DL

Kona 2021 Remote 160 DL, side

The first new e-bike for 2021 is the Remote 160 DL. While the DL usually only specifies a higher component level, in this case there are some key differences between the frames on the DL models versus the Remote 160’s. The big difference is that the DL rolls on 29” wheels, where the Remote 160 sticks with 27.5”.

Kona 2021 Remote 160 DL, rear shock

The Remote 160 DL’s frame is made of 6061 aluminum, and offers 160mm’s of rear travel from its trunnion-mounted RockShox Super Deluxe Select shock. RockShox also supplies the DL’s 160mm Zeb Select+ fork. Out back, Kona has opted for 157mm rear spacing, and the spec chart indicates there’s ample clearance for 29×2.5” tires.

Kona 2021 Remote 160 DL, geo chart

Geometry was also slightly adjusted on the DL – At 64°, its head tube is one degree slacker than the Remote 160. This alteration ensures the steering remains nice and slack with the bigger wheels. Other key numbers are 74.8-75.1° seat masts (depending on size), 435mm chainstays, and 442/467mm reaches on M/L frames.

Kona 2021 Remote 160 DL, Shimano EP800 motor

Another key upgrade for the DL model is Shimano’s new EP800 motor, mated to Shimano’s SC-EM800 display to show your ride metrics.

Kona 2021 Remote 160 DL, battery cover

An integrated 504Wh battery hides in the down tube behind a durable, removable cover that is designed to protect it from trail debris. This protective cover is found on all the new Remote 160s and 130s. The Remote 160 DL comes with Shimano’s STEPS 2A charger.

Check out the chart below for complete build specs on the Remote 160 DL.

Kona 2021 Remote 160 DL, specs

The 2021 Remote 160 DL is available in S/M/L/XL frame sizes. It comes in Gloss Indigo/Forest Gray Fade only. MSRP is $6999.

2021 Kona Remote 130

Kona 2021 Remote 130, side

The Remote 130 is an all-new, shorter travel version of Kona’s e-MTB. For riders with less technical surroundings or those who don’t go too crazy on the rough stuff, the Remote 130 offers a versatile amount of squish.

Kona 2021 Remote 130, frame closeup

The Remote 130 features a 6061 aluminum frame with 130mm’s of rear travel. Fox provides the suspension for this bike, with a trunnion mounted Performance Float rear shock and a Rhythm 34 Float 140mm fork.

Kona 2021 Remote 130, front tire

The Remote 130 runs 29” wheels, with clearance for up to 2.5” widths (keen eyes might notice they spec a 2.4” rear tire, but Kona says 2.5” is OK). Unlike the longer travel 160 DL, the 130 sticks with Boost 148mm rear spacing.

Kona 2021 Remote 130, geo chart

The Remote 130’s geometry was based on Kona’s Process 134. It has a 65° head tube, 435mm chainstays, and the same reach as the Processes (450/475mm for M/L frames). The seat masts are plenty steep at 76.3-76.6°.

Kona 2021 Remote 130, display unit

Shimano’s E7000 motor and 504Wh battery provide power for the Remote 130, and an SC-E7000 display unit keeps your ride data in sight. A STEPS 2A charger comes with the Remote 130’s.

See below for the Remote 130’s complete build specs:

Kona 2021 Remote 130, specs

Frames come in S/M/L/XL sizes, and this model comes in Gloss Prism-Rust Purple only. The Remote 130 sells for $5999.

2021 Kona Remote

Kona 2021 Remote, side

Finally, Kona has added a hardtail option to their e-MTB line with the Remote. While this model might appeal to hardcore hardtailers or those who ride smoother terrain, it’s also the most affordable option and could be an entry point for those considering the jump to pedal-assisted MTB’s.

Kona 2021 Remote, underside

The Remote is made from 6061 aluminum, and it runs a 140mm travel Suntour Zeron 35 fork. 29” wheels were the obvious choice for this no-travel e-MTB, and the frame will fit up to 2.5″ wide tires. The Remote’s frame features Boost 148mm rear spacing.

Kona 2021 Remote, geo chart

The Remote’s frame geometry is based on Kona’s Honzo hardtail. It’s key figures are up-to-date, with generous but not extreme reaches of 450/475 on M/L frames, and short 435mm chainstays out back. The head tube angle is 66°, and the seat masts sit at a steep 76-76.1°.

Kona 2021 Remote, Shimano E7000 motor
*Images c. Kona Bikes

The Remote has the same electronics as the 130 model: Shimano’s E7000 motor and 504Wh battery supply the juice and the SC-E7000 display shows your key ride info. Again, a STEPS 2A charger is included.

Here are the complete build specs for the 2021 Remote:

Kona 2021 Remote, specs

The Remote comes in S/M/L/XL frame sizes, and it gets a Gloss Metallic Olive paint job. It retails for $4499.

Availability dates for the 2021 bikes will vary according to region, so check with your local Kona dealer.


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2 years ago

Why do no sites (including Kona) show a weight for the Kona e-bikes???

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