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Last Minute Holiday Gift Idea: Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat

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“It makes you go faster”.

First off, this is not a joke, at least as near as we can tell. What’s more is that we want to believe that someone out there actually makes a $279.99 carbon fiber toilet seat. If it is, in fact, a joke, please don’t tell us. We don’t want the truth, we can’t handle the truth. We want to live in a world where Stephen Colbert is serious and Borat is real. A world where men, real men (like Borat and Stephen Colbert), use carbon fiber toilet seats.

The very real company that manufactures this incredible upgrade for any standard toilet allegedly uses “hand layered 550,000 psi tensile carbon fiber around a premoulded foam core,” and they have “experience in making carbon fiber bicycle and race parts, so the quality is top notch.” (Insert joke about which bicycle company they are associated with here.)

For more photos, and…(really? Seriously?) specs, after the break…

  • Made with 100% real 2 x 2 twill carbon fiber
  • Fit standard household toilets
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Dimensions: 16.5″ long (from nose to hinge centerline).  14.25″ wide
  • Weighs: 2lbs 11oz (1,230 grams)
  • Due to the nature of the product, sales are final

The “Downshift Handle” upgrade. You’ve gone as far as buying a carbon fiber toilet seat, why not go all the way?

If the $279 price tag is too intimidating for you, you might be able to find a used, pin-striped model on Ebay. Perhaps the fact that it’s carbon fiber will off-set the fact that it’s a USED TOILET SEAT.

This item is available for purchase, when it’s actually in stock, from Carbon Fiber Gear’s website, so get ’em while they’re HOT! (Sorry, couldn’t help it.)

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The Dude
The Dude
13 years ago

Weighs: 2lbs 11oz (1,230 grams) ?
That seems a bit heavy, even for carbon fiber.
They should really take it back to production and shoot for a sub kilo weight.
Is there a ti bolt upgrade? To shave any more weight?
My can won’t touch anything that isn’t under a kilo.

13 years ago

Much as I prefer the warmth of wood this is rather cool.

Al Beyer
12 years ago

I have been making these seats for 15 years now- They were first shown to the public at INTERBIKE 1995 and was the hit of every trade show we have attended. The president of OAKLEY said it was the best product he ever saw at Interbike ( not a big bike fan). We needed an icebreaker/ giveaway for the shows and now we have sold over 2000 of these seats. Customers include pro race car drivers and teams and a lot of racing and luxury yachts ( weight is critical as is strength ) . They are made using a dry cloth resin transfer molding technique and as far as i know this was the first carbon fiber product to use this process. My company has many past credits including – The first production carbon mountain bike frame, The first bicycle wheels over 125 mph ( Speedbike at Vars France ), Silver medal 1984 olympics Track cycling using our disk wheel and many other world records in many sports.

It started as a joke but has so much demand that we have to make them. Al Beyer Pres. DYNAMIC COMPOSITES INC.

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