Pickup tailgate pads are great, but they can also eat up all your bed space with bikes, leaving nothing for all the other gear. The new Latchit Rack solves the cargo space issue by extending your truck’s bed by almost two feet and securely transporting up to six road or mountain bikes. And, it’s available for full size and compact trucks and requires no permanent modifications…it pops in and out in minutes.

Latchit Rack extends your pickup truck bed to carry more bikes and cargo in the bed

The Latchit Rack installs by slotting into the stock latching points that keep your tailgate closed. To remove, simply release the locking handle that grabs the pegs at the top, then pull the handle on the bed to release the bottom. It folds flat and takes up almost no room when not in use.

There’s an integrated cable lock inside the top bar, and the integrated padded cover has Velcro straps for each of the bikes.

Photo: Latchit Rack.

They’re working on fork mounts that’ll attach to the inside bottom so you can stagger road bikes (one on, one over, one on, etc.), too. Pre-order pricing is $419 for either large or small versions to fit most truck brands going back several generations. Pre-orders start shipping mid-May.



  1. Bob on

    this is why you don’t buy a short bed truck. You know if you want to actually use it as a truck. the guy with a 6 or 8ft box probably has no use for this. his stuff already fits in the bed with his bikes.

    • Hamjam on

      Short bed trucks are great. They are very popular. This is a smart idea. Cheaper and more secure than a heavy duty 4-6 bike rack. Great for a 4 man road trip.

      • Justin M Walsh on

        I’m sorry, but short-bed trucks are not trucks. They are SUV’s that have an open cargo area. A 4-man road trip would have to fit bikes and all their gear in the same open short bed area. An SUV and a rack might be a better fit.
        This is a smart idea only because short-bed trucks are popular for some reason, and now they can sell something to those folks.

        • Hamjam on

          This is awesome. I am stepping into a world where people actually say things like “you call that a pickup truck?” Ha

  2. Justin L on

    I have a longer truck bed and this is awesome for more reasons then that. I have a Ram 2500 and the top of the tailgate is so thick I don’t feel it’s safe to put my bike on it. I saw this at sea otter and ordered cause it is better at protecting the bike, has a lock, can take my road bike also. More secure and makes the bikes safer and easier to get in, plus I can lock
    It to the rack and I can lock the rack in with my normal
    Truck bed locking mechanism.


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