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If you are a die-hard commuter or work in a shop, you may be pretty familiar with the webcomic, Yehuda Moon. It’s been some time since they’ve published anything and since then volume 5 has sold out leaving fans wanting more.

Commute past the break to see what they’re doing to bring back #5 as well as make a book #6 available…..

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Yehuda Moon is a fictional strip based on a couple of guys that work at Kickstand Cyclery, a bike shop in Cleveland Ohio, and their day to day life of commuting and working at the shop. Creator Rick Smith along with writer Brian Griggs, draw from Rick’s at times odd commuting experiences, and Brian’s experience working in a shop. Yehuda is the sort of crunchy, “commute no matter the conditions” bike wrench and Joe is more of the straight laced, older wise cracker.

The earlier volumes were 96 pages of humorous and cynical comic strips with volumes 5 and 6 looking to have about 80. To kick it off, they have started a crowdfunding campaigne through Kickstarter.

You can opt to order just one volume for as little as $15 or all of them signed including an actual sketch of the comic depending on how much you want to “fund”. The best part is that it really isn’t that much to get something pretty cool. For just $30, you can get signed copies of both volumes #5 & #6 along with a Kickstand Cyclery waterbottle and a sticker. There are more options costing less as well as more, but it’s not bad for some timeless coffee table fodder.

Check out their website below to read through several of their classic hits.

Yehuda Moon Kickstarter


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