If riding bikes was completely safe, it just wouldn’t be as fun, would it? Leatt is a brand that takes rider safety seriously, and at Crankworx Whistler we were treated to a preview of their upcoming 2018 bicycle line.

In this article we’ll check out a selection of what’s new for next year including the 2.0 DBX trail helmet, 6.0 3DF knee pads, 3.5 DBX neck brace and the DBX XL Hydration pack with integrated spine protection. Leatt’s full 2018 collection will be introduced very soon at Eurobike, which begins on August 30th…

Leatt, 2.0 DBX helmet, 360 turbines

If you’re not familiar with Leatt’s 360 Turbine technology, the round blue pads inside their helmets are designed to deform and absorb both direct and rotational impacts in a crash.

Leatt 2018, DBX 2.0 and 3.0 helmetsThe 2.0 DBX (right) is Leatt’s new XC/trail lid for 2018. This leaner brother to the 3.0 features an in-molded shell, breakaway visor, 20 vents, and a washable liner. The 2.0 DBX will be sold in S/M/L sizes with four colorways to choose from. Weights vary between 265-305g.

The 3.0 DBX all-mountain helmet (left) is intended for enduro-style riding, and although it’s not pictured it features a removable chin bar. This model carries over from 2017, but there will be two new colorways for 2018.

Leatt 2018, DBX XL hydration pack, front Leatt 2018, DBX XL hydration pack, rear

The new DBX XL hydration pack is a deluxe unit with tons of pockets inside, outside, and on the shoulder straps. The pack includes a CE Level 2 back protector and carries a 2.5L bladder. The straps on the backside are designed to hold a neck brace and full-face helmet as you climb, and a soft-lined pouch up top carries your goggles or sunglasses.

Leatt 2018, 3.5 DBX neck brace and Fusion 2.0 armor

The 3.5 DBX is a lightweight but strong neck brace made from a semi-rigid polyamide reinforced EPS material that helps absorb impacts. The 3.5’s thoracic rear strut is adjustable, removable for storage and best of all designed to break off before doing any damage to your back. The 3.5 DBX will come in two colors- Black or Black/Fuel (adds grey and white accents). Sizes S/M and L/XL will be available.

Also pictured above is the Junior-sized Fusion 2.0 upper body armor. For 2018 the Fusion 2.0 has been slimmed down by 20% and Leatt has added a number plate holder to the back panel.

Leatt 2018 6.0 3DF Knee pads

For 2018 Leatt adds to their 3DF series of pads with the new 6.0 knees. For high-level protection, these pads feature hard shells molded to impact-reactive 3DF padding. The hard shells aren’t completely rigid, so the pads will still flex and ride comfortably.

Additional padding keeps the inside and outsides of your knees safe, and an anti-slip kneecap and silicone-lined calf band help keep the pads in position. The 3DF 6.0 knees will come in three colors and S/M-XXL sizes.

Leatt 2018, gloves

Finally, Leatt offers a wide selection of gloves that cover the gamut from thin and simple to fully protected models with finger and knuckle armouring. The lighter pairs use Nanogrip material in the palms for a second-skin feel, and the heavier models use the slightly thicker Microngrip, both of which promise to glue you to your bars whether wet or dry. All gloves will come in S-XL sizes.



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  1. David Guerra on

    Pads either work or they don’t. I don’t want high or low level protection, but simply protection, which won’t happen if a pads slips off your knees as fabric-covered ones are bound to.


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