Leg&Go Balance Bike System Helps Kids Get Rad Younger With Configurations for Every Tyke’s Taste


Designers at Leg&Go have come up with a novel straddle bike concept that stands out for a variety of reasons. The bent birch frames feature an array of built in safety mechanism and are configurable in a variety of ways to accommodate not just growing bodies but also changing tastes of small riders. So whether your tyke is barely learning to walk or is experimenting with downhill runs in the park, the Leg&Go has you covered and your child safe. Push through for more…

The Kickstarter campaign is primarily intended to help gear up tooling for the bent birch frame of the bike. Birch was chosen as the frame material both because it’s durable and lightweight to put up with all the abuse kids can dole out. The bent frame also has the benefit of flexing, giving casual riders a cozier ride or more aggressive riders suspension necessary for rougher courses. The material is also naturally weather resistant.

Leg-and-Go_balance-bike_birch_0022 Leg-and-Go_balance-bike_birch_0024

The whole bike is adjustable through a series of simple adjustment screws. You can raise or lower the handlebars, relocate the saddle, or change the whole configuration of the bike from a low straddle bike for babies to a downhill model with a foot brake quickly and easily.


With extra parts, you can add rockers for riders not ready for two wheels. You can also add a third wheel to the bike for those needing a tricycle. If your rider is ready to move beyond straddling, there is a kit for pedals and a crank to help transition riders to an honest to goodness pedal bike. There is even a tiny trailer available to help riders haul their gear around. The bike is also easy to disassemble for storage or transportation.

Leg-and-Go_balance-bike_birch_0028 Leg-and-Go_balance-bike_birch_0026

For $244 (plus shipping) you can get your own Leg&Go balance bike with an attachable foot brake. For $429 you can completely outfit your rider with the equipment needed for every configuration including rockers, trailer, foot brake, pedal bike kit, and extra rear wheel.


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Joe P
Joe P
7 years ago

I like it – have grandkids and this looks like a lot of fun.

7 years ago

Genius idea. Well done!

7 years ago

Beautiful! Intelligent! Cute!

7 years ago

Now why couldn’t I think of that…! Great work.