We’ve got high pressure, low volume pumps for road bikes. Then there’s low pressure, high volume pumps for mountain and fat bikes. That leaves room for pumps for gravel bikes, right? Well, not just gravel. Lezyne’s new floor pumps are built to make inflating gravel tires easier, while still able to hit the high notes for your road bikes. They also get an interesting tubeless-specific chuck for better tubeless setups.

Gravel tires have higher volume than road tires, but not quite the volume of modern mountain bike tires. They’re also typically run at lower pressures – sometimes much lower than road. So Lezyne wanted to create a line of pumps that were better suited to these mid-volume tires without limiting the ability to pump road bike tires up to 100 psi.

Lezyne Gravel Floor Pumps tubeless chuck

Perhaps more interesting than the idea of a gravel-specific pump is the inclusion of a “tubelss-specific chuck.” What makes it tubeless specific? Well, since it works with standard presta valve cores, you’ll still be able to inflate tires running a tube. But the chuck is designed so that you can remove the valve core, and the chuck will thread onto a threaded presta shaft giving you better airflow to seat tubeless tires.

This is where the higher volume of the “gravel” pump comes into play. With the valve core removed, and the pump pushing more volume of air per stroke, it gives you a better chance of seating stubborn mid-volume tubeless tires.

Lezyne Gravel Floor Pumps

Offered in three versions, Gravel pumps will be offered in the Gravel Digital Drive Pro ($99.99), the Gravel Floor Drive ($79.99), and the Sport Gravel Floor Drive ($64.99).

Lezyne Gravel Floor Pumps digital gauge

Both the top two models get a 3.5″ digital gauge that is accurate to a claimed +/- 0.5 psi, and works up to 100 psi.

Built with larger barrels for tires 32mm and larger, all three models are fully rebuildable, with extra long hoses to reach bikes on the stand or rack.


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10 months ago

I’ve been looking for a pump of this psi range for a long time. I haven’t put over 90psi in a tire in a long time.

10 months ago

Oops, I have used one rude word so maybe my comment was censored? Or is it because I highlighted a stupidity of the article? Who knows

But really: removing the valve core gives more air per stroke in your tyre? Seriously? And what is that valve core doing then? Keeping the air for itself? Or does a valve core make the system less air tight? Or is that just plain stupidity and the volume is exactly the same with or without? It’s gonna reduce the flow probably yes. But the volume? Come on.

9 months ago

Putting the comment for the third time: No you won’t have more air per stroke when removing the valve core. This is physically impossible.