Lezyne again expands its GPS cycling computer offering with new Macro Easy, Macro Plus & Super Pro devices, improved both inside and out. From the all-new Easy Mac to the updated larger Macro Plus & Super Pro, all three new GPS computer offer longer battery life, improved displays in more versatile, redesigned bodies – even if Lezyne’s naming convention is a bit hard to wrap our brains around…

Lezyne Macro Easy GPS simple, long-lasting cycling computer

Lezyne Macro Easy GPS, basic simple affordable long-lasting cycling computer

c. Lezyne

The compact Macro Easy GPS is all about simplicity. For $80 / 80€ you get an easy-to-use cycling computer with full GPS ride tracking but without all the extra bells & whistles. Pared back to just the essentials the 43mm wide x 68mm tall x 28mm thick Macro Easy weighs just 63g and gets a single color 32x40mm screen – making this a lower cost variation of the previous Macro.

Lezyne Macro Easy GPS, basic simple affordable long-lasting cycling computer

Turn it on and run through setup once to customize the data fields & number of pages you want – including a simple breadcrumb route map.

Then you’ll be ready to ride, tracking your ride data and seeing your core performance stats. No phone apps to deal with, the Macro Easy does have Bluetooth Smart connectivity to pair with heartrate, speed/cadence sensors & power meters to collect all the info. To download ride data, you have to plug it in with a micro-USB cable, but it can be set up to auto upload to social streams once you connect to either Mac or PC. Recharge with the same cable, and you get up to 28 hours of no frills ride tracking.

Lezyne Macro Plus GPS, updated versatile cycling computer

Lezyne Macro Plus GPS, updated connected cycling computer

The mid-sized Macro Plus and Super Pro GPS are further evolutions of the carryover Macro & Super computers with new slightly larger 48mm wide x 71mm tall x 26mm thick body designs – housing improved screens, updated tech & now long 28 hour battery life as well.

Lezyne Macro Plus GPS, updated connected cycling computer

The new $100 / 100€ Macro Plus now gets the ability to flip between horizontal or vertical modes with the new high-contrast, higher resolution 33x40mm single color display, much like the more expensive Mega XL. The 60g device also gets a new more water resistant micro-USB plug/cover design.

Lezyne Macro Plus GPS, updated connected cycling computer

Lezyne says this one is still meant for riders looking for basic data track & navigation technology inside. But beyond basic optimized GPS ride tracking and Bluetooth connectivity to heart, speed, cadence & power sensors, the new Macro Plus also now connects to both Lezyne’s Ally mobile phone app and their new Smart Connect LED control system thanks to internal firmware improvements.

That new Smart Connect system connects the GPS & your phone so you can control Lezyne’s latest LED lighting setups from either phone or cycling computer. Paired with the Ally app, you can get turn-by-turn navigation, phone notifications, live Lezyne Track tracking, Strava Live Segments, and further setup customization.

Lezyne Super Pro GPS, updated map-enabled cycling computer

Lezyne Super Pro GPS, updated full featured map-enabled cycling computer

The $150 / 150€ Super Pro shares the same mid-sized housing & higher quality screen of the new Macro Plus. You get the same horizontal or vertical orientation option, and the same longer 28 hour run time.

Lezyne Super Pro GPS, updated full featured map-enabled cycling computer

The differences here are all inside, with a more advanced GPS+Glonass chipset for location tracking, plus an integrated barometer & accelerometer for more precise telemetry. The Super Pro also adds ANT+ in addition to Bluetooth connectivity to track pretty much any sensor, as well as pair with smart trainers & wirelessly with electronic drivetrains – and now more customizable pages & fields.

Lezyne Super Pro GPS, updated full featured map-enabled cycling computer

The Super Pro GPS also features a real, detailed single color map screen with preloaded background mapping like on the Mega XL (unlike the breadcrumb-only maps above), which also brings with it offline navigation capabilities. Paired with the Ally app, you once again get live Lezyne Track & Strava Live segment functionality, plus training integration & mobile notifications. It gets the new Smart Connect LED control too, and like all the devices can be set up for automated ride uploads too.


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2 years ago

Any pictures from the sides? Hope they have a new battery door cover.

2 years ago

I’ve used a Lezyne GPS for years – one of the first-gen Super GPS units. I recently lost it in a move, just yesterday bought a “used” second gen Super GPS for pennies from a my boss from the shop I used to work at. Second gen has lots of marginal improvements over the first, and these seem to continue the trend.

If you yearn for the days of the OG Garmin Edge 500 – simple b&w screen, easy to use, with bonkers battery life these are great – plus they’re slightly less frustrating to use than Garmin, and a nicer company to interact with from a shop perspective than Garmin. 10/10.