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Like Warm, Shaken Beer? Check Out the Jank Beverage Clip

Jank x Outside Brenden Beverage Clip tall boyTall Boy size (16oz)
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Outside Brendan is back. This time, it’s with his first physical product that’s actually available for purchase! Fabricated by Jank Components out of Bellingham WA, the Jank Beverage clip is a unique way to carry your favorite can of beer, utilizing your bike’s water bottle bosses – just don’t expect your beverage to be kept cold and unshaken along the way.

Jank x Outside Brenden Beverage Clip down tube mount
(Photo/Jank Components)

The product seemed to have gotten legs after Brendan posted his 3D-printed prototype to his IG. He has since collaborated with Jank Components to have the item manufactured in Bellingham, Washington.

The Jank Beverage Clip allows you to carry your favorite canned beer (or any beverage), utilizing your water bottle bosses. There are three different versions that can accommodate a regular can (12oz), a tallboy can (16oz), and a stovepipe can (19.2oz).

Jank x Outside Brenden Beverage Clip sizes

I do like the description of the Jank Beverage Clip on their website… “Think of this as a pump holder but instead of holding a tire pump it holds a mood pump”. There are some older versions of the beverage clip available on the website as well. The newer versions are 3D printed from HTPA-CF, for a durable final product. Prefer to 3D print your own? You can purchase the STL files from Brendan’s website for $4.99.

Retail: $19.99 – $24.99

Jank Components have a few more cool 3D printed items on the website as well, like the SRAM AXS Battery Holder, a Side Mount for Dynaplug Racer, and the Plug Buddy/EDC Stan’s Dart Add-on.

Check the other stuff they offer as well at the link below.


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Dale Harvey
Dale Harvey
2 months ago

You can 3D print these for free (and they’re a lot more robust), the files are on thingiverse – Cool thing is that your beer doesn’t really get shaken up too bad (even on rough gravel rides) on road bars but totally unusable on a mountain bike (half your beer in the dirt immediately upon opening)

Tim Lane
2 months ago

Better yet, put a koozie upside down on your can to keep the dust off the top and keep your drink cool, then carry it in your multi-function-beverage-transit-fixture (aka bottle cage). Like this: instagram.com/p/Cf-vnc9uBnH/

Screenshot 2023-12-19 083511.png

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