It’s still hard to process. The fact that an absolute legend of the sport can be taken from us from what’s being called a simple crash during a cross country ride is just hard to fathom. It’s been a few months since Jordie Lunn passed away while riding with friends in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, but for many, the tragedy is still fresh. To help support Jordie’s family with the medical expenses and costs of transporting Jordie back home to Canada, a Road 2 Recovery fundraiser was set up.

Since its posting, generous donors have helped smash the $40,000 goal with over $90,000 raised. Hoping to help push that total over $100k, Vee Tire Co. just announced a special edition ‘Jordie Lunn Forever’ tire with all of the profits going to the Road 2 Recovery fund.

The Flow Snap WCE tire is a gravity oriented tire available in 27.5 x 2.35″. Built with a folding bead, 72 tpi Gravity Core casing and their WCE Top40 compound, the tire is built for rowdy riding – just like Jordie would love.

Each tire is priced at $74 with free shipping, and as mentioned all proceeds will go to Jordie’s Road 2 Recovery.

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