In the world of professional cycling, sometimes seconds or single watts count. So if you’re someone like Team AG2R La Mondiale rider Romain Bardet, you might be pretty excited to help Look launch a new pedal during stage 7 of Paris-Nice. That new pedal is the Look Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic.

Look Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic spins faster, longer with new bearings Look Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic spins faster, longer with new bearings

The Ceramic in the name of course refers to the addition of ceramic bearings – something Look calls a first for one of their production pedals. The switch to ceramic results in a supposed reduction of friction by 18% and 4-6x increase in bearing life. Granted these claims are based off Look’s testing, not necessarily real world use.

Bearings are protected from the elements with IPX7 submersion and IPX6 water jet ratings, with double sealed spindles.

On the outside, the pedals are similar to other Keo Blades with 700mm² of cleat to pedal surface area, and adjustable tension via replaceable carbon blades available in 12, 16, and 20Nm tensions – 12 and 16 are included with the pedals.

Weighing at 110g each, the pedals have a 14.8mm stack height, and sell for €189.90 with a chromoly spindle. Available now.


    • Brent on

      Not the first time I read this… few weeks ago I looked the picture of my 3 bikes, and out of 150+ pictures, only in 1 occasion the pedal was not naturally in a “vertical” position…
      Now if friction is reduced, then the pedal will more naturally flip.

      • Darcy on

        The reason why Look pedals don’t always hang is because of the way weight is distributed. In a Shimano pedal all the weight is in the rear of the pedal, hence why they hang better.


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