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M55 Electric Bike “The Beast” – What Would Batman Ride?

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“If the Batman was a non-fictional person, he’d have a Beast in his garage for sure.” – From the M55 Website

That is if Batman didn’t have any qualms about riding what is essentially an electric motorcycle on trails meant for human powered vehicles. OK, OK…it’s a “hybrid,” like a car that has an electric motor AND a gas motor, or the breeding of a Zebra and a Donkey into a “Zedonk.” Just like that.

“The hybrid drive means that the motor is not a substitute to your human power but an addition – it lives with your ride: if the sensor feels that you need some extra torque, the motor switches on to multiply your effort.”

So it’s an off-road Mo-Ped. Which is ideal for the person, a person like Batman, who:

“cares about fittness but doesn’t want to swim in sweat after a long ride or a tough climb.”

Wow, I never realized what a lazy-sally Batman is and I also didn’t  realize that those guys who hit you up on Craigslist, claiming to be African Princes who want to put you in touch with their financiers, shop out their services as copy writers for electric bike websites.

“This is a hybrid bike with not only exceptional performance but great outlook as well. Our motor power and battery capacity is well over the industry standard and a truly futuristic look will sure attract some eyeballs around you.”

It’s good to know that the bike has a “great outlook.” A bike with a positive view of things is the best type of bike to ride.  It’s also good that they clarified that it’s the  “futuristic look” that will “attract some eyeballs to you.” If I were riding The Beast and all of a sudden eyeballs started latching onto me, I’d wonder if the bike possessed some kind of “super-eyeball magnet.”

For complete specs, tons of photos, video, and more great quotes, click more…

“The aim was a brave outward appearance, which bears resembles to the Transformers while providing the robust image of Terminator and functionality of the Batmobile.”

“Our goal was to build a machine that is as beautiful externally as internally – and vica versa.”

We’ll leave those two alone.

“Our vision was a cyborgical design that deepens the feeling when the machine and the rider becomes one once the latter hops in the cockpit. The body of the Beast reflects power and strength with a hint of elegance. It is a stylish, unique vehicle that you won’t find in every corner.”

Q: I’m 70. Can I use it as well?

A: Yes, you can. The hybrid technology helps you ride a bike like you’d drunk from the fountain of youth.”

But can you use it well? What happens when the battery dies on some senior in the middle of the woods?

“With the Beast you can have a true ‘living tissue on an exoskeleton’ experience.”

I’ve always wanted to have one of those.

And just to be clear, this thing IS intended by its makers to be an off-road vehicle:

“It is designed for cross-country use.”

I love me some Batman, but if saw him riding down one of my local trails on a “The Beast,” I would probably call him a jerk and throw something at him.

The Beast will be available in early 2011, more info can be found on the M55 website.



Material: 7075 Aluminum
Construction: Self supported frame structure, integrated electric motor assist, integrated battery cell and hidden electric wiring. Single pivot suspension system, single piece cast swing arm 1:3 ratio.
Suspension travel: front: 200 mm, back: 172 mm, for use with only disc brakes
Frame size: 19”
Color option: Custom design and color scheme for the batch of every 55 pieces

Battery cells:

22 pcs Tenergy Polimer Li-Ion cells (20 AH)
Capacity: 44 V


EB-PC electronic motor unit, approx. 90% efficiency, drive-integrated rotation sensor, adjustable electronic assist. The rated speed is  2400 RPM, rated torque is 5.2 Nm. A speed reduction gear mechanism is integrated in the motor unit to increase the maximum assist torque to 104 Nm! Rated maximum speed: 77 km/h at 120 pedal cadence!


Fork: Fox 36 160 Talas Fit RLC with Kashima coating
Rear shock: Fox DHX RC4 with Nukeproof titanium spring
Headset: Syncros FBI 1 1/8” semi-integrated
Crankset: Custom made, aluminum alloy, 170 mm crank arm length, ISIS Drive compatible
Bottom bracket: Custom made, CNC machined, heat treated steel spindle, ISIS Drive compatible
Front chainwheel: Gebhardt GP custom made for the M55, 7075-T6 aluminum alloy, CNC machined, 5 mm width. 50 or 52T
Chain: KMC X1, specifically developed for Rohloff internal gear hub
Rear cog: Rohloff, 15T, 16T or 17T
Gear change machanism: Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 tandem version
Gear shifter: Rohloff twist shifter
Brakes: Brembo front and rear, 203 mm floating discs, 2 piston design
Brake levers: Brembo brake lever body, custom M55 brake lever design
Rims: Syncros FR DS 32, 26”
Front hub: Syncros FR 20mm Thru  Axle
Rear hub: Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 Tandem version
Spokes: DT Alpine II, 2,34-2 mm
Integrated handlebar and stem: Cast and CNC-machined custom model, 97 mm effective stem length, 741 mm handlebar width, integrated
Grips: ZZYZX Carbo 4U
Seatpost: Syncros Carbon Seat post, 31.6, 350mm
Saddle: Syncros FR saddle
Pedals: Syncros Meathook


Head tube angle: 65 degree
Seat tube angle: 73 degree
Wheelbase: 1160 mm
Chainstay length: 525 mm
Top tube length: 567 mm
tHorizontal top tube length: 587 mm
Seat tube length: 518 mm
Stepover height: 815 mm
Bottom bracket height: 370 mm

Weight: 33 kg

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13 years ago

Will this behave well with what some people call the ‘SuperBeast’? Sure looks a lot heavier than said bicycle.

13 years ago

The carbon post seems out of place. And it needs some sweet streamers with skulls on them.

13 years ago

What kind of post should it have? It’s a bicycle, sort of. The bike in the first and fifth pic have completely different and much, much safer and better looking gearboxes. The one in the second pic, that’s an awful lot chainrings exposed there that I’m guessing get spinning at a pretty high rate of speed and could easily shred your toes off. Are those Brembos off a motor scooter or do they actually make bicycle calipers?

13 years ago

If you’re going to the trouble of making it all Dark Knight, why stop before making it a 29’r (or adding guns)? It’s the only wheel size that is Batman-approved for serious XC use. I am also intensely interested in how they get 200mm of front wheel travel out of a 160mm fork, as indicated in the spec section.

13 years ago

anon- should have something gold anodized. And can’t anodize carbon.

Erich-it’s usually 160mm, but it will get 200mm. Once.

13 years ago

If ever a bike needed Yumeya! Oh, and a long ride off a short cliff. I hope they don’t go bankrupt before they make any more sweet product videos. Are they sponsoring Keanu Reeves to ride it in his full Neo getup? “Just say no” Batman.

13 years ago

72.75 lbs, definatly not really suitable for cross country

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