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Magura 2012, Thor, Durin See Upgrades

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When speaking to their Thor and Durin suspension forks for 2012, Magura will tell you that they are stiffer, lighter, and easier. what exactly does that mean? Well, both forks have a host of upgrades which should increase the strength to weight ration, improve performance and offer an even easier set up.

Curious about the changes to the Thor and Durin? Read on after the break!

While it seems that everyone claims that their products are stiffer, lighter, and more simple, Magura has broken it down into the three categories for your viewing convenience:


  • Stiff and light with MAGURA’S exclusive DAD (double arch design) and thru-axle
  • DAD Generates category-leading stiffness resulting in best strength-to-weight ratio
  • Thor and Durin now available with 15mm thru-axle


  • New lighter air piston rod and new negative spring
  • Weight reduction by using aluminum instead of steel for better performance
  • New lighter DLO2 unit for Durin Race and Thor


  • Easy to use, one position of the lever for each travel on Lift Select, only one air valve
  • New bushings and new “Fork Meister” suspension grease for even less friction
  • Refined valving and shim stack for more reactive ride and minimal dive under braking
  • New more progressive spring rate for better control and more suppleness
  • Easy setup: dial in your optimal ride settings with ease and simplicity



  • Travel systems: 150 LS (Lift Select), 150 fixed, 140 fixed
  • 15mm thru-axle
  • Lift Select adjustable travel
  • New spring curve and same spring rate also in the lower travel
  • New compression damping
  • Protection caps on bottom of lower legs
  • 7” PM disc brake fitting
  • Weight Thor 150 fix: 1675 g incl. thru-axle


  • Durin R, 120 fixed (Available as 15mm thru-axle and standard QR)
  • Durin R, 120 Lift Select with standard QR
  • Durin SL 120 (previously only 80mm and 100mm available)
  • All Durins are now lighter (up to 70g)
  • Durin X available in the following travel options: 120, 100, 80

Remote lever

  • 30 grams (incl. cable and sleeve), black, silver
  • New forged clamp option
  • New Carbotecture material
  • New Ergonomic design
  • More intuitive to operate
  • Remotemix compatible with MT Series master

Overall, it appears that the Thor and Durin have been drastically improved once again for 2012. Take note though, that the Thor is no longer offered in a 20mm thru axle along with the fact that it will not accommodate 6 inch disc brakes on the front. Most forks and wheels for the enduro market are going the 15qr route, so it’s not particularly surprising that Magura is following suit, and with a 150mm fork you should probably be running 7 inch rotors anyways.

Interestingly, if you noticed, apparently Magura has gone with suspension grease for the new friction bearings rather than bath oil to decrease stiction and improve performance. With the addition of improved progressive spring rates to keep the forks from diving aggressively or bottoming out, the new forks should perform significantly better.

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13 years ago

A few moment with “DAD lower leg” mention, i’ve hope a 29inch model …
sic …

13 years ago

Still no 29er options. I guess that shows they really don’t sell very many shocks in the US still.

13 years ago

with no 29er, why bother even trying to sell here.

13 years ago

Looks like magura isn’t trendy

Wonder if this fork has knobs that don’t do anything like their previous models

13 years ago

Son, when I was your age, all we had were bikes with 26″ wheels… and then we had the Renaissance Part Duex… ushering in a whole new generation of innovation, choice and open-mindedness that advanced the art and science of bicycle design.

13 years ago

it’s cool I speak to my fork too

13 years ago

Knobs that don’t do anything?

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