A new 9-part video series from Italian bike maker Officina Battaglin’s offers a detailed peek into their workshop and how the company developed over time. Founder & 1981 Giro-Vuelta winner Giovanni Battaglin takes you inside their production shop in northern Italy to see the techniques Battaglin uses to craft modern, meticulously precise steel road bikes…

Battaglin’s How to build modern, precision steel bikes

In “The Man of Steel” series Giovanni Battaglin leads us into the workshop where he oversees the construction of his eponymous steel frames. The complete series details a “secret formula” Battaglin has used over the decades, and touches on some of the most successful steel bikes to come out of his shop over the years.

Battaglin only speaks Italian, so the series gives him a voice-over & subtitles so more international viewers can hear his racing & bike building stories & opinions. Giovanni’s son Alex who manages the brand now said the put a lot of effort into producing the comprehensive video series because they “wanted our customers to see how their steel frames are made.”

This first video we embedded above is available directly on their site, with the remainder freely accessible via a private link once you sign up via email to their mailing list.



  1. Exodux on

    That’s some Italian flare there. The guys a legend, he can dress as he chooses.

    I remember a long time ago, in my local shop, there used to be a Battaglin frame, painted in red, white and blue, stars and strips, hanging up on the wall with all the other frames, that I just lusted for.

    • K-Pop is dangerous to your health on

      There’s 3 icons in the lower right of the video, volume, settings, and full screen… It can’t be any more obvious.

  2. Per Bausager on

    So how do a hard working man dress? I’ve known Giovanni for 42 years now and both as a rider and as a constructor he has always worked very hard. Always at the office or/and in the production.

  3. walter on

    Giovanni Battaglin dressed for the interview/video, in my opinion it is a sign of respect for the customers and viewers of the video. Giovanni has Always been a hard worker and a Grande Campione


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