Marzocchi has added an Air Shock to its line of Bomber Suspension products, featuring an asymmetrically positioned reservoir to improve clearance and thus, compatibility, with a wide range of frames, while keeping the damping adjustments and air valve easily accessible. Availability is comprehensive, covering both metric and trunnion mount options, with stroke lengths from 40mm to 75mm; that covers DJ bikes to DH bikes, and everything in between. The 205mm x 65mm option weighs a claimed 484g.

Marzocchi Bomber Air Shock

marzocchi bomber air shock metric trunnion mounts

The Standard Mount Marzocchi Bomber on the left; the Trunnion style mount on the right. The standard mount option is compatible with Fox bearing mounts, so one could run the shock on a frame that runs bearings at the upper shock mount, rather than bushings.

The new Marzocchi Bomber Air Shock features a reservoir that sits at an angle offset to the position of the main body of the shock. This, Marzocchi say, was in a bid to improve access to the compression damping adjustment dial that sits atop it, regardless of what mountain bike frame you wish to bolt it to. They also say the air valve location offers improved frame clearance and pump access, relative to competitors’ air shocks, presumably. 

marzocchi bomber air shock dials tuneable sweep adjust compression damping

The compression and rebound adjustment dials don’t have detents, thus there are no countable clicks, just a continuous sweep over a small window that still covers a full range of relevant damping adjustment.

Both compression and rebound adjustments can be made, tool-free. Marzocchi tell us there is a big enough range here that the shock can be easily tuned to all rider weights and riding styles. Additional end-stroke ramp tuning can be carried out via the air can, which is able to house unique air volume spacers as small as 0.1 cl.

Marzocchi have definitely gone for versatility with this new air shock; it is available in eight metric options and five Trunnion options. On top of that, each shock comes with travel-reducing spacers, too, so you can limit the stroke length to run a bit less rear wheel travel if the need arises. The dimensions available are as follows:

  • Metric: 190 x 45, 210 x 50, 210 x 52.5, 210 x 55, 230 x 57.5, 230 x 60, 230 x 65, 250 x 75
  • Trunnion: 185 x 52.5, 185 x 55, 205 x 60, 205 x 62.5, 225 x 75

Here is the Marzocchi Bomber Air Shock on…

reed boggs yeti marzocchi bomber air shock

Reed Boggs’ Yeti…

jaxon riddle  marzocchi bomber air shock

Jaxson Riddle’s Transition TR11…

Is this a prototype aluminium Transition TR11? We've reached out to Transition Bikes to find out more.

Is this a prototype aluminium Transition TR11? We’ve reached out to Transition Bikes to find out more.

brege vestivik get emtb

Brage Vestavik’s GT eMTB…

marzocchi bomer air shock asymmetric resevoir 2022 on sam soriano's canyon torque at formation

And Samantha Soriano’s Canyon Torque

Pricing & Availability

All Marzocchi Bomber Air Shocks will retail at $479 USD / $619 CAD / €639 EUR. Marzocchi tell us the Bomber Air Shock will shortly be available on complete bikes, helping to complete a Marzocchi spec with their forks such as the Z1.

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