The Masi Incanto Puts Their Titanium Spin on Gravel & All-road Frame Construction

Vista, California’s Masi Bicycles probably isn’t the first brand that comes to mind when you think of titanium. But last year, they somewhat quietly released a new titanium all-road/gravel bike called the Incanto. Masi has a few other gravel bikes available in their lineup, but the Incanto is their first run at doing an all-road/gravel bike with a titanium frame. The Incanto has slowly been released throughout 2022 and sits alongside their other titanium offering and pure road machine, the Masi Titanio frameset.

The Incanto was actually set to launch back in 2020, but because of pandemic complications, the launch had numerous delays. Like other bicycle brands, Masi has done away with releasing bikes under designated “model years”, but the official launch year for the Incanto is 2022.

The Frameset

Masi Incanto 58cm frame on the bench

Masi Incanto ti in 58cm

For full disclosure, I’m a brand ambassador for Masi Bicycles. So when I needed a starting point for my upcoming dream build project, I requested the Incanto frameset in 58cm. The frameset retails for $3299 and comes with Masi’s Brunello full carbon fork, a Masi branded Token cartridge bearing headset, a seat collar, and a house-branded Brev M titanium seat post. The complete Incanto Ti sells for $6499 with full Campy EKAR and Fulcrum Rapid Red DB 300 wheels.

Masi Incanto 58cm Frame Weight

Frame weight

Masi Incanto Fork Weight

Brunello carbon fork weight.

The frame weighs in at 1842.7g (4lbs), without the fork, seat collar, water bottle bolts, or headset. The fork weighs 445g (15.7oz).

Frame Details

The Incanto Ti allroad, gravel frame is constructed from tig-welded butted 3al 2.5v titanium. It has a 41mm semi-integrated headtube. It uses a BB86 bottom bracket shell, a flat mount rear disc brake, a replaceable rear derailleur hanger, and is internal dropper post compatible. The rear is spaced at 12×142 using the included thru-axle.

The frame comes with subtle branding that Masi says is laser etched. The fork comes with low-key branding as well.

Masi Incanto Laser etched dt logo

Low key Blue Laser down tube logo… looks bright in this photo, but’s a lot more subtle in person.

All of the frame’s laser-etched logos were a color called Blue Laser, making them look almost anodized.

Masi Incanto TT logo

Masi Incanto Faliero Masi's signature

Signature of Faliero Masi.

Masi Incanto Brunello Carbon Gravel Fork

The fork’s branding is also subtle. Masi’s Brunello Carbon gravel fork has flat black fork legs with gloss-black logos.

Masi Incanto internal front brake routing

The Brunello carbon fork has internal brake routing, fender mounts, it uses flat disc brake mounts, and a 100 x 12mm included thru-axle.

Masi Incanto carbon steeter

Full carbon steerer.

The Brunello fork also has a full carbon 1.125-1.5″ tapered steer tube.

Masi Incanto included ti seatpost

The seat post is the Masi house-branded Brev M. It’s titanium and measures 31.6 x 350mm long. Masi offers this post in two different offsets. For bike sizes 47cm to 51cm it comes in a 0mm offset. For bike sizes 54cm to 60cm it comes in a 10mm offset. This frame is 58cm, so the post shown is the 10mm offset.

Frame Geo Chart

Masi Incanto Frame Geo

Masi Incanto Frame Geo chart

Masi Incanto rear brake flat mount bosses

Masi Incanto rear brake flat mount bosses

Masi Incanto rear dropout and derr hanger

Masi Incanto rear dropout and replaceable derailleur hanger

Masi Incanto curved seat stays

The subtle arch of the seat stays.

Masi Incanto Dropper Post ready

Dropper post ready.

Masi Incanto dropped ds chainstay

Dropped drive-side chainstay

On the Masi Bicycles website, it states that the Incanto frame has “semi-internal cable routing with custom configurations for 1x, 2x, or dropper post routing. The complete Campy EKAR group that is spec’d on the complete bike runs a single 40t front chainring. But it is equipped to run a front double if needed. Masi says that the frame is intended to run a 46t/30t, with the max being 50t/30t.

Masi Incanto CNC driveside CS yoke

Tire clearance and fender mount.

Masi Incanto CNC yoke

The CNC’d yoke and the housing stop (on the bottom bracket shell) for the front derailleur if that’s your jam. Both the fender mount and the cable stop add to the versatility of the Incanto frame.

The complete Incanto comes with 40mm tires, and according to the website, the Incanto frame can fit a 700c x 45mm tire max. It looked like it could fit a bigger tire, so I spoke with the Product Manager for the Incanto, and he said there is actually room for a bigger tire… he didn’t say how much bigger, he just said “room for more”. How much tire and mud clearance will likely vary based on tire construction and inner rim width.

Masi Incanto downtube bb junction internal routing

The downtube/bottom bracket junction provides the exit point for the semi-internal routing

Masi Incanto top tube mounts

Top tube bag or water bottle cage mounts

The Incanto frame comes with bottle bosses on both the down tube and the seat tube with additional bosses under the down tube and on the top tube as shown in the above photo.

Masi Incanto Headbadge

The Incanto detailed head badge.

Disclaimer: Ron is a Brand Ambassador for Masi Bicycles, which provided the frameset for Ron’s upcoming Dream Build Project.

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Roger Pedacter
Roger Pedacter
1 month ago

Laser etching is essentially dry-anodizing. Both processes build up a super thin diffusion layer of oxide creating the color.
And did they still end up with Taiwan production? I know they were trying to get domestic sourced frames but it seems like the local shops weren’t able to make it happen

1 month ago

Looks like a great looking frame & versatile geometry. Some might balk at a 2kg frame weight but if it’s good titanium it should last forever and take whatever you throw at it.

1 month ago

BB86 when they could have gone for a threaded BB: total fail. Sad!

1 month ago
Reply to  Hefe

A threaded BB would be nice, but since they can machine the BB after welding they should be able to get it within manufacturer tolerances for BB86. Negating a lot of the negatives with using a Pressfit BB. Most issues i’ve encountered with pressfit is due to bad frame manufacturing, and not the concept of pressfit in itself. Threaded BB’s also have pressfit bearings, so it’s not the pressfit that is the problem, if it’s done well.

Bike Rider
Bike Rider
1 month ago

Does anyone have any input regarding the dual cable in/out on the seatpost tube? Obviously one is for the dropper.

Front derailleur cable routing is through the down tube and up and behind from the bottom bracket.

Scott M
Scott M
1 month ago
Reply to  Bike Rider

The frames come with a number of adapter plates, including 1, 2, and blank plates so that users can set the frame up for the configuration desired. If running a dropper the single hole plate would be recommended.

Bike Rider
Bike Rider
1 month ago
Reply to  Scott M

Ah, makes sense. Would there be a use for a dual plate in that location? …just curious.

If a guy wanted to run 2X l, is a clamp on FD the intended way to go?

Based on your detailed answer I’m guessing you had something to do with the development of this frame. I’m fairly familiar with other Ti options on the market and you guys added a few new, interesting and useful details on this. I really dig that BB cable exit. I’ve seen frames crack at the downtube when a more stamdard plate exit (similar to what you have in other locations) is used. Great job.