Mavic show Cosmic SLR LTD Road Wheels with Jerôme Masi Rim Print

In addition to their Cosmic Ultimate UST Disc Wheels we covered previously, the Mavic’s Eurobike booth was also proudly displaying the more affordable Mavic Cosmic SLR LTD – a limited edition road wheelset rocking carbon rims adorned with a print designed by French artist, Jerôme Masi. 

Mavic Cosmic SL & SLR LTD Road Wheels

mavic cosmic slr ltd eurobike 2022

Mavic’s medium-profile carbon wheels for road and triathlon are soon to be available in a limited edition model, with their UD2 rims featuring an eye-catching printed menagerie of birds, chain links, snakes, clouds and mountains. Only 600 wheelsets will be sold in total, covering both SL and SLR models, in disc and rim-braking options. 

mavic cosmic slr tld rim print detail

The artwork is designed by Jerôme Masi, an artist who, like the Mavic HQ, is based in Annecy, France. He specializes in vector illustration. It is applied to the rim by pad printing, a technique that does not add any extra weight to the rim.

The Mavic Cosmic SLR LTD will extend to the 32mm, 45mm and 65mm rim depths for Disc brakes, and the 40mm rim depth option for rim brakes. The suggested retail price of the LTD edition Cosmic SLR is 2200€ in Europe.

mavic cosmic slr ltd rim profile carbon layup

The Mavic Cosmic SLR LTD features a 21mm internal width rim, made up of their UD2 laminate laced to the hub via Fore Carbon spoke attachment – that eliminates the need for rim tape, helping to keep weight down.

The same applies to the Cosmic SL LTD; 32mm, 45mm and 65mm for Disc brakes, and 40mm for rim brakes. The suggested retail price of those wheelsets is 1550€ in Europe.

Look out for these on the Mavic website in early September 2022.

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Jason D West
Jason D West
14 days ago

I thought Mavic was bankrupt and shutting its doors?

14 days ago
Reply to  Jason D West

@jason, they got a new and solid owner over a year ago and recently inaugurated a new HQ near Annecy. I guess in upcoming year we will see products under their new era even if SLR do represent interesting features

Jason D West
Jason D West
14 days ago
Reply to  An203

Oh okay cool. Best of luck to them.

13 days ago

When will Mavic start honoring warranty service? Have Multiple warranty requests over a year old, yet no answer.