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Mini Review: Rudy Project Gear Deal

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Rudy Project’s Gear Deal is coming to a close on August 15, so this review comes just in time if you’re considering some new shades or a new helmet.  In a nutshell, the Gear Deal is a package that includes one of 10 sunglass models, their Slinger helmet, a backpack (or duffel), a hat, a T-shirt and an extra set of lenses.

More specifically, you get an extra set of lenses with any of the 10 pairs of shades except the Sportmask, which is what I ordered and one of the few Rudy Project models that don’t have interchangeable lenses.  Instead, I got a consolation prize in the form of a sports watch.  I like Rudy Project…I’ve worn their shades for years…so sorry guys, but the watch is crap.  I recommend getting one of the other shades and take the free lenses. (We’re going to review the Sportmask shades separately in the near future)

Ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you I’m an enabler.  Need some nudging toward doing something?  Want a little justification why you should buy a shiny new bike part?  I’m here to help.  And so, here’s why you should order this kit in the next few days before the deal is over: Pretty much everything in it rocks, and you can always use a spare helmet and pair of shades. Hit ‘more’ to see why it rocks…


  • Hat – This is the best fitting hat I own, and it’s a lightweight polyester that dries quickly and stays cool. The visor fits well, too (I happened to have one of those already), if that’s what you want.
  • T-Shirt – pick the plain design with just their logo, the “Spine” one is a little dorky.  It fits well for lean athletic types like us.
  • Helmet – see below.
  • Backpack – see below.
  • Extra Lens – Rudy gives you the choice of your primary lens and your bonus free lens, so you can pick two different lenses to suit your usual riding conditions.  I’ve used a number of their different lenses over the years, and the Laser Blue, Racing Red and Polarized (extra cost) are all solid choices.  I still run their (now discontinued) Tayos with clear lenses for my night riding.


HELMET: See that picture above?  That’s the Slinger helmet you get.  See that picture below?  That’s what it looks like on.  Yes, a little dorky.  But, here’s why it’s a great helmet: It fits very snug, making it perfect for attaching bike lights or helmet cams…it doesn’t slide or rock around.  It’s also very comfortable and surprisingly cool despite not being their top of the line helmet.  I rode with it in Florida during this Summer and never felt like I was going to overheat my noggin.  Lastly, because you should always have a backup helmet for guests, races or loved ones.  The retention dial on the rear lets you snug the helmet without over tightening it.



BACKPACK: The backpack was the surprise of the bunch. Normally, promo gifts like bags and stuff are cheap and crappy.  This bag is pretty sweet.  It has well thought out compartments, a helmet net (though the bottom’s a bit big, making the helmet likely to slip out unless you clip the chinstrap around it), an MP3 earphone cable hole, a cellphone pocket (for Zoolander-sized phones) and “Air Circulation Technology” padding on the back to keep your back from getting too hot and sweaty.  I’ve actually used this backpack quite a bit.

rudy-project-geardeal-bag3 rudy-project-geardeal-bag2 rudy-project-geardeal-bag1

SUNGLASSES: Rudy Project offers a wide range of shades on this deal, shown below.  Not only can you select the lens color, but you can choose among frame colors as well.  The deal ends on August 15, so if you’re looking for justification to buy new things, explain to your inner (or marital) bean counter that it’s a good deal…it’s like getting a helmet and bag free, and you can always use those…


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11 years ago

Hi. Can I ask if these items arrived as one shipment and how big is the box?

I would like to order the deal and forward it immediately as a gift to a friend overseas. (So the size of the box really matters for shipping cost)

Kristi Benedict
11 years ago
Reply to  Adrian

This was posted 3 years ago. The deal may not be offered at this time. Check with Rudy Project.

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