MMR announced a limited run of 25 X-Tour gravel bikes, with a unique restyling courtesy of international artist, Edgar Plans. Said to be the second-most-demanded artist worldwide, he was chosen to create a subtle graffiti look for the otherwise minimalist bike.

MMR X-Tour Edgar Plans LTD carbon gravel bike

This isn’t the first wild-looking X-Tour from MMR, but it’s perhaps the most coveted – a limited run of 25 customized bikes courtesy of artist Edgar Plans. The special edition also upgrades to Shimano GRX Di2, and includes a signed card from the artist.

A special Cordel front handlebar bag rounds out the unique package for this rad ride.

“The selected model, the gravel X-Tour, it wasn’t an accident. The ‘habitat’ of that bike are the empty tarmac roads, and above all, the gravel roads. The gravel is therefore a new and exciting adventure cycling, that avoids the limits of the road bike, that freedom represents the leitmotif of the X-Tour roots.”

A custom kit is also available, made specifically to match the styling of the bike.

The geometry for the limited edition bike remains the same as other X-Tour bikes, available in six stock sizes.

The MMR X-Tour Edgar Plans LTD is available to order now, with pricing and complete bike weight yet to be announced. Check out more or find a dealer at the link below.



  1. Andrew Gamlen on

    There appears to something wrong with the chain and the front derailleur in the first photo within the article. Or maybe it is a new form of chain guide…

    • Dinger on

      Looks like it was accidentally shifted during the shoot, causing the cage to bind with the chain/big ring. if the crank were turned, it’d simply shift to the small ring. Funny the stuff they miss during proofing, eh?

  2. Paul Wilson on

    That’s utterly beautiful. However that comment???

    “Said to be the second-most-demanded artist worldwide,…”

    Really, who’s the first? David Hockney, or perhaps Damian Hurst….no wait..Banksy!


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