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Momentum builds the PakYak E+: their first electric cargo bike

momentum pakyak e+
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In many parts of the world, carrying excess cargo on two wheels is just a way of life. In others, the idea of taking a bicycle to the store for a grocery run while leaving the car at home is still a wacky concept. But even in those car-centric places, cargo bike conceptions are slowly changing. Now, Momentum is hoping to enter the #carryshitolympics with their new PakYak E+—their first e-cargo bike.

momentum pakyak e+

The PakYak E+ is a burly machine. The class 3 e-bike tops out at 28 mph and boasts a quick recharge time and respectable range with battery help from Panasonic. It gets an automatic shifting internal gear rear hub from Shimano, and the SyncDrive Pro motor cranks out 80Nm of torque so you can keep speed and stability even when you’re weighed down. Beefy four-piston disc brakes make it stop regardless. And riders can add an auxiliary battery to double the 60-mile standard range.

Finally, an array of baskets, racks, and lockable storage cases give riders plenty of ways to carry the load.

“The PakYak E+ is the ultimate cargo E-bike for everything from carrying kids to school, bringing home groceries or enjoying a weekend adventure,” said Phoebe Liu, chief branding officer of Giant Group, which includes Giant, Liv, Momentum and CADEX brands. “With the ability to use an optional auxiliary battery to go further, the PakYak E+ gives riders another reason to leave their cars at home.”

momentum pakyak e+

Momentum PakYak E+: beefy build

Momentum developed their latest motor with help from Yamaha for the PakYak E+’s drivetrain, which features their Smart Assist Tech which uses six different sensors to measure various factors like ride speed, terrain and surface grade for smooth power integration.

momentum pakyak e+

SyncDrive is Giant’s own in-house motor line, and it’s supposedly the only motor range to get the Smart Assist tech. And the Shimano Nexus Inter-5E rear hub provides fully automatic shifting designed specifically for e-bikes.

Shimano Nexus e-bike specific rear hub

The bike’s 500Wh lithium-ion battery can be re-charged in about four hours with the 6A charger. Momentum claims that it recharges to 80% — enough to ride almost 50 miles — in just over two hours. Equipping with the auxiliary battery increases the bike’s range to a maximum 120 miles but limits space in the built-in storage case. Both batteries can be locked for security.

The small dash screen shows all the typical stats like speed, remaining range and battery charge, and assist level indicator. The associated app, Momentum’s RideControl, collects performance stats like cadence and rider power (in watts), plus navigation and route planning features.

momentum e-bike rider controls

A step-through frame and dropper seat post add to the PakYak E+’s rider comfort quotient. 24” x 2.5” tires give the heavy craft a stable base.

Accessorizing and pricing

There are too many accessory choices to explicate; apart from the usual racks, cases, mudguards and water bottle holders, buyers can also bring (little) passengers along with the PakYak E+’s seat attachments.

momentum pakyak e+

The PakYak E+ looks like every bit of an urban workhorse, at a stock weight of 79 lbs. MSRP: $5,500 to start.


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Conor Sweitzer
Conor Sweitzer
2 years ago

I bought two of these bikes for my family and while they are fun, they are poorly made and have had alot of problems for us. In the first 100mi the kickstands fell off, the front basket fell off, and a crank fell off (all while riding with kid passengers). The dropper sticks making it not a dropper, and the visco-set has developed severe speed wobble at anything over 10mph. I bought these bikes with the intent of accessorizing them with with the plethora of accessories Momentum has advertised, but none of them are in stock. Momentum hasnt been very useful either, basically saying its up to me and whatever bike shop I take it to to figure it out. When I wrote a critical review on their site they scrubbed it and refuse to repost it. I’m regretting having bought these at this point, but have missed my return window. I thought this info might be useful for prospective buyers. There are alot of good ideas in these bikes, but Momentum hasnt executed the bikes or customer service well.

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