Who can’t use a little #mondaymotivation by way of some crazy trail riding. Bike adventurer David Cachon drops us into the Asturias in Spain. While Saya Sakakibara, Sergio Layos, and Arif Gül show us some BMX race & street chops. Then a quick glance into the homeland of XC pro Yana Belomoina…

The trials master, Cachon takes us into the north of Spain to the rugged Asturia mountains where there are plenty of trails to explore and some local hearty cuisine to keep you fueled up to ride. The scenery is amazing as long as you can keep up with his wheelie drops and and bombing down ancient stone-paved pathways back to the coast.

Saya Sakakibara didn’t want to be late to the party, so what’s a girl to do? Well, when you happen to be the BMX World Champion, you’re probably going to hop on the bike, right? Whether it’s black tie or not.

Red Bull set BMXers Sergio Layos and Arif Gül up at a Turkish tea plantation. Ready with a bag of tricks, some street riding on the way there, and a mix of tailored made dirt jumps & some rural street grinds make for impressive riding against an unexpected backdrop.

You’ve gotta admit that Red Bull exposes us to more riders in odd locales. This one follows Ukrainian cross-country rider Yana Belomoina who rode away with 2017’s World Cup overall and will start next season as the World #1 ranked elite woman. Follow her around her native Lutsk, Ukraine and in and out of its Lubart’s Castle.

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