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More Wireless Brake Lights, Velodroom’s Adaptive Bike Light

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In yesterday’s post on the LucidBRAKE wireless brake light, one of the team members behind the Velodroom bike light saw it and sent us a bit of information on their design. Similar in concept, the Velodroom will be launched in a Kickstarter project from a team of Estonians with the light currently in the final prototype phase. Like the Lucid the Velodroom has no on/off switch and uses a built in accelerometer to detect when it is moving and also to detect when the rider is stopping which employs the brake light feature. Centered around a 3 watt LED, Indrek Rebane an electronics engineer on the project claims the light is visible at 300m.

There are a few differences to the Velodroom though, flash past the break for more.

While the renderings show only one LED, the video above with a prototype clearly shows three for additional visibility.


Rather than use disposable batteries, the light features a built in Lithium Polymer battery that is rechargeable with a  USB cable. Velodroom lists their light as water resistant meaning you probably can’t dunk it in a fish tank, but it should survive most riding situations. The other interesting feature of the light is the auto brightness function which adjusts the brightness based on ambient light to save battery life.

Lights can be pre-ordered for $54 in the US positioning it between the Maxxon and the Lucid in terms of price. We’re working with Velodroom on the possibility of getting an early sample for review to see how it performs in the real world, so stay tuned for that.


In addition to the light, Velodroom is currently running a Bike Accessory Challenge in cooperation with GrabCad which hosts new engineering challenges every week. Velodroom’s challenge is to create an accessory that solves a problem that cyclists face in their daily ride. Prizes range up to $800 cash and a Velodroom light.

Bike Picnic Box medium

Current entries include this modern take on the picnic bike that has made the rounds on Pinterest, along with self powered LED brake lights, front lights and more.

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10 years ago

I want to take that bike for a spin.

Indrek Rebane (Velodroom team)

To answer the (almost) most common question: yes, the project will be in Kickstarter soon.

10 years ago

What kind of bike is that and why is it in a BMX skate park?

Indrek Rebane (Velodroom team)

The bike is Viks, designed by Indrek Narusk. Custom made in small volume.
Bit more info about it on Viks’s Facebook page:

BMX/skate park we used for shooting was set up for SimpleSession 2013 BMX and skateboarding contest: http://www.session.ee/live/

I’ll leave the “Why” question unanswered for now. 🙂

Doug B
Doug B
10 years ago

Take it anywhere, as long as you don’t mind it being on in your bag, whilst transporting your bike, on the train etc, off switches can be quite useful.

Indrek Rebane (Velodroom team)

Press release
13. June 2013

Velodroom Kickstarts With Smart Bike Light

Velodroom, the fabulous bicycle accessories brand from Estonia, is launching its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign today to put the light into production.

As their first market-winning product, Velodroom is developing a new kind of smart bicycle light that makes riding a bike safer by simplifying how one would use the lights. With Velodroom you just attach the light to your bike and let all the rest to the light itself. No need to switch the light on or off, it knows when you start riding and shuts down one minute after you have stopped. To optimise battery life, it can adjust the brightness according to ambient light conditions, ensuring best visibility in all conditions. Built in accelerometer analyses the motion of the bicycle and shines a bright stop light while braking.

Crowdfunding to put production in motion

Velodroom’s goal is to raise at least £34,600 to put the Velodroom tail light in production and make it available worldwide. Reaching set goal will greatly speed up the development and manufacturing of one of the most intelligent bike lights out there today.

“We have come up with different options to back us,” says Velodroom designer Sven Sellik. “In addition to the light itself backer rewards range from handwritten postcard to bicycle trip above the Arctic circle together with the team.”

To take part in the development of the world’s best bicycle light visit Kickstarter home page and help Velodroom get to the streets.

About Velodroom LLC

Velodroom is a young start up from Estonia founded by five equally crazy guys with a passion for the coolest way of transportation. They haven’t come together to reinvent the wheel, but most certainly everything surrounding the wheels. For the team it’s not just about one product, but about a whole concept of hassle-free bicycle accessories.

Velodroom Kickstarter campaign:

Velodroom photos:

Velodoorm’s website:

Press contact:
Indrek Rebane
+372 5698 1845

Velodroom LLC
Riia 185A
51014 Tartu

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