Muc-Off adds lightweight, quick-acting tubeless tire sealant that glows pink

The more tubeless tire sealants that come out, the harder it gets to stand out. But the new Muc-Off No Puncture sealant does just that with a big list of features and performance claims, not the least of which is that it glows under the included UV light to help you find those frustratingly tiny leaks.

They say it seals cuts up to 6mm, and helps seal the gap between rim, tape and tire. The secret is a mix of micro-fiber particles that help clump up to close the holes, but stay liquidy and clump free when not needed.

Muc-Off tubeless tire sealant that works with CO2 and low temperatures that is biodegradable and ammonia free

As for features, it’s a big list:

  • non-corrosive
  • ammonia-free
  • biodegradable
  • washes off with water
  • lasts up to 6 months with no balling up
  • works from 15psi to 120psi
  • works from -4°F to +122°F
  • CO2 friendly

It’s available in a range of sizes including a packable 140ml pouch kit that has a valve core remover built into the cap so you can easily top off your stores mid-ride. Back at home, use the included UV light to illuminate the UV dyes that are added to No Puncture, helping you find any leaks you may have missed and plug or fix as needed. Options include:

  • 140ml Pouch: $9.99 Retail
  • 140ml Kit: $12.99 Retail (includes sealant, UV Torch, Top up Cup, Valve Core Remover)
  • 1 Liter: $39.99 Retail
  • 5 Liter (Shop Size): $153.99 Retail

We like that they offer bottles without the UV light and other accessories, because once tou have one, you kinda don’t need more.

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Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot
4 years ago

So is it latex based also MSRP? Bucket of soapy water helps me find tiny leaks pretty easily without the need for a gimmicky light.

4 years ago

Sounds very similar to the finishline sealant that everyone has been hating on lately, but with an added gimmick. I don’t really see the need for sealant to glow, I just want it to seal well, and if it’s easy to clean I’m stoked.

3 years ago

Ah just read the MOA. Sounds exactly like the non latex sealants that are in actuality non-sealents. No dice; if the price to pay for a sealent that actually works is popping the bead every 2-3 months and adding 4oz of something then popping it back on with a compressor I’m more than happy to give up that 8 minutes of my life.

Dylan Sutton
Dylan Sutton
4 years ago

“Dad, this raspberry squeezy yoghurt tastes horrible”.

3 years ago

So this means that when I check into my hotel room, turn out the lights, flip on the UV light, and scan the room for impurities, I won’t be able to differentiate between Much-Off and body fluids?