Following the release of their Ludicrous AF chain lube claimed to be the fastest bicycle drivetrain lubricant in the World, Muc-Off is offering a pro-level chain optimization service to select bicycle dealers, utilizing their new Ultrasonic Clean and Lube Tanks. The service has long been available to the likes of the INEOS Grenadiers, EF Education-NIPPO, and Team GB, but now we mere mortals can take advantage of the Watts to be gained from just £24.99/€32.99 per chain.

Muc-Off Ultrasonic Chain Optimization

mucoff ultrasonic wash tank cleans chain

What exactly is it? It looks like a deep fat fryer for chains. What it is, is an Ultrasonic Clean and Lube Tank. Aside from the tank hardware and accessories, four Muc-Off products make up the core of the chain optimization process. It starts with a High-Performance Ultrasonic Chain Cleaner, which quickly breaks down the stickiest oils, grease, and grime, giving your chain a complete refresh.

mucoff high pressure degreasing bike chain

The chain is placed into the tank, which emits high-frequency sound waves that pulse through the cleaning liquid. This agitates, lifts, and removes any dirt out from within the chain links. Next, a High-Pressure Quick Drying Degreaser blasts the cleaning fluid from inside the chain links, leaving squeaky-clean surfaces for lube to adhere to.

mucoff chain optimisation relube hydrodynamic all weather

A chain being immersed in Muc-Off’s Hydrodynamic All-Weather lube

Finally, the process is finished with the application of Muc-Off Ludicrous AF or Muc-Off Hydrodynamic all-weather lube. The lube is gently heated to the precise temperature required to create the optimum viscosity for it to penetrate deep into all contact points within the chain links.

mucoff ultrasonic lubrication process bike chains

Your chain can also be coated in the new Ludicrous AF lubricant

The lubricants themselves contain organic friction modifying compounds, which with their polarised heads and non-polarised tails, attach themselves to either side of the base oil’s surface to form a low-friction shear plane. It’s this combination of formulation and application which is said to result in reduced friction, increasing the number of watts making it from your pedals through to the rear wheel.

Pricing & Availability

Starting small, Muc-Off has given 20 UK retailers new Ultrasonic Clean and Lube Tanks, with the global roll-out to follow next month with a further 300 stores in over 15 countries. The service will set you back £49.99/€64.99 for application with Ludicrous AF, and £24.99/€32.99 with Hydrodynamic Lube.



  1. An203 on

    Unless I missed anything, there is no 3rd party test backing up any of the muckoff claims on this product (and historically they have a terrible performance between claims and Zero-Friction independant tests). Unless I see a test, not a single chance I spend any money on their products and services. If anyone is willing to spend this amount of money on a lube service that will last few 100s km, they can switch to wax-based chain preparation at home, better performance in less than the time it takes to visit the LBS…

  2. MiCk on

    Hard pass as both a consumer & dealer… I shudder to think how much the dealer cost will be to set up (could buy 3 ultrasonic cleaner, with fancy decals for a fraction of what they’re gonna charge dealers)… we already offer chain prep & waxing [Molten Speed or Silca] for significantly less than what this will cost… both which have independent data to prove them to be fast (& possibly not prematurely wear out your chain).
    This just smacks of screwing both the dealer (high set up & maintenance costs) & consumer (high cost for an unproven product)

  3. TV on

    By their Muc-Off’s own data, their ultrasonically applied Ludicrous AF is only 0.1w faster than SILCA’s Synergetic which is their slowest lube.

  4. Seraph on

    @An203: I am currently using the Ludicrous AF chain lube on my XX1 chain for road/gravel and I can attest that it’s easily the smoothest and quietest liquid lube I’ve ever used. Not as quiet as Molten SpeedWax but quieter even than the Absolute Black liquid (another ludicrously overpriced liquid lube).

  5. Billy on

    I’m sorry but I’m not understanding how this process equates to chain “optimization.” There are perfectly good – if a bit more pedestrian – words that can more accurately describe what I see here: “cleaning” and “lubing.” To me, optimization, whatever that might be, seems to speak of something considerably more involved than this.

  6. An203 on

    @Seraph: While I do respect your feed-back on “feeling”, if there is one element on our bike where “feeling” is not good to evaluate power loss or wear rate is on a transmission (and this is coming from someone very sensitive who compare lab results / ride qualities for 15 years). People will swear they feel the 1W a oversize pulley wheel gives them but won’t feel the 5-6 W you could have between different lubricants. Now it’s possible they finally pulled a good lubricant, but all their previous ones (and I happen to have used them without feeling anything fundamentally wrong) performed terrible here despite their claims. If they are serious, they would have spent more money on 3rd party tests and a tinny bit less in marketing.

    quoting the wear rate of the Nano and the Sky hydrodynamic
    – A frankly huge initial wear rate on a clean chain / clean conditions first 1000km. It did go quite irty quite quickly, and being highly viscous some concerns re initial penetration to pin
    – A simply astounding clean block 1 wear rate. Penetration issue from high viscosity lube not a factor as was ultrasonically applied. The highest wear rate for clean block 1 of any lubricant test by a huge margin.

  7. Muc-Off on

    Hi all, thanks for the comments and interest in our Ultrasonic Chain Optimisation Service.

    To the comments about Muc-Off’s lack of independent testing, please see this page on our website: which gives full details of our testing protocols during the development of Ludicrous AF, including independent testing by New Motion Labs.

    All testing completed, including in-house, independent and real-world (including with world-tour teams) found Ludicrous AF to be the fastest race lube of all those tested (over 30 lubes used by UCI world race teams).

    If you have any specific questions, please contact us through

  8. Crash Bandicoot on

    Sounds like the type of product/service that is sold to people who think changing their own engine oil will void the warranty on their car. Unfortunately cycling is the new rich man’s golf.

  9. Marius on

    I do this process myself like many of you probably and use Molton Speedwax. Knowing how often you should do this I think it’s better to just get a decent cleaner yourself. Its quicker and cheaper than visiting your dealer.
    I dont know how good this product is, I think the Molton wax is very good unless riding in rain.

  10. Robert on

    you can easy buy an ultrasonic cleaner from like i did about 1 year ago 😉 I just use one because i am not a bikeshop. go 4


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