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Muoverti Rebrands to MUOV, Unveils Rocking Indoor Time Trial/Triathlon Bike

muov triathlonMUOV, formerly Muoverti, announced a Triathlon model for its forthcoming TiltBike. Photo c. MUOV
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Muoverti — the British company focused on indoor cycling equipment — is making some changes.

First, it has joined the growing bandwagon of companies that hate lower-case letters. The company has rebranded and now wants to be called MUOV (pronounced “move”).

MUOV generated lots of buzz last year when it announced a new approach to indoor cycling: the TiltBike. We covered this in November 2021, praising the design for its “immersive” approach to at-home bike training.

Though the TiltBike remains unavailable until 2023, the company has already announced another model: the MUOV Triathlon Bike.

Like the TiltBike, the Time Trial/Triathlon model won’t be available until next year, though the company will currently accept pre-orders for any of its three models.

MUOV’s Colorful Lineup

MUOV will offer three versions of the TiltBike: the original, Road, and Triathlon.

Each offers a slightly different ride feel and functionality to simulate the varying conditions of each real-world activity. The company has also made it easy for consumers to use multiple versions in the same household. Customers can buy the framesets separately, which cost about half as much as a complete TiltBike.

With the addition of the Triathlon bike, riders can train in “an aerodynamic time trial position inside with digital braking and gear shifting,” the company said in a press release.

MUOV triathlon
A close-up view of the MUOV Time Trial/Triathlon model of the TiltBike. Photos c. MUOV

“The tilting mechanism simulates real-life cornering and balancing, alleviating the excessive saddle pressure caused by traditional static indoor bikes,” MUOV said.

Both the Road and Triathlon models include a composite frameset manufactured in the UK and the base unit, which is compatible with either frame.

MUOV TiltBike design edition
The TiltBike Design Edition.

While the technology certainly looks intriguing, MUOV also offers color options for the aesthetically inclined. Customers can choose from four different color frames for the Road model. There are also the Bauhaus-inspired Design Editions and two blander color options for the Triathlon model.

“We’re very excited about the new product lineup that places the individualism and performance of athletes at the centre of our products and our communication,” Christoph Wilfert, MUOV CEO and Co-Founder said in the press release.

MUOV TiltBike road edition
One of the four color options for the Road model of the TiltBike.

MUOV TiltBikes: Pricing & Availability

The company now has prices for its new cycling trainers, which don’t come cheap.

With its colorful frame, the MUOV TiltBike Design Edition costs £4,800, or $5,350 USD. It’s only slightly more for the Triathlon model, which will set you back £4,900, or USD 5,460. As for the TiltBike Road Edition, it’s a bit cheaper at £4,300, or about USD 4,800.

Pre-orders require either the entire payment upfront or a partial payment of about half the sticker price. As for when you’ll receive the bike trainer, MUOV isn’t too specific. Buyers can expect the bike to arrive sometime in 2023.


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1 year ago

It looks very promising. I have my trainer on a tilt board and it moves fore and after and left and right to easily for my tastes so I would like to see them add adjustability to the movements of this bike. I will say it looks like what everyone has been waiting for.

1 year ago
Reply to  Gary

Is your current rocker plate not adjustable? I do agree that inclusion of control forces for all directions is a worthwhile consideration for any rocker plate or motion training device. Rider weight and size, along with individual preference pretty much demands a level of adjustment in systems like this.

I do welcome this trainer as I do for any indoor cycling motion device. I think this is the next frontier now that we have reliable trainers and apps for making the experience better. Getting comfort and control via motion is that next big step.

1 year ago

Looks pretty aero for an…errr… indoor bike.

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