In the run up to COP26, taking place in Glasgow from October 31st to November 12th, Danny MacAskill is getting in on the action, releasing “Taking to the Skies for Climate Change”. In his latest edit, Danny tricks his way around a wind turbine factory on his custom Santa Cruz trials bike, finishing up riding the blade of a (stationary) turbine high in the sky. Danny shows us just how much of the World’s energy is currently produced from renewable sources; 1 Trick = 1%.

Danny MacAskill Takes to the Skies in Climate Games

…and never to be missed, the great behind-the-scenes of how they made this happen. We’re especially amazed by the skinniest of skinnies – riding along the sharp edge of that blade!

…plus, the wild sliding around on top of that massive turbine!



  1. Energy guy who bikes on

    Didn’t look like any blades were damaged. Plus, they are recyclable. Some blades went to landfills in the US because they hadn’t started the recycling program yet. It has started now.

  2. Funkster on

    Blades are now recycled, but even if they weren’t it would still be better than dumping tons of fossil CO2 into the atmosphere!

  3. Vissile on

    So we just should just keep burning fossil fuels instead?
    The mining of oil, coal and other fossil fuels probably produces more waste in a single day than the decommissioning of windmills will in our lifetime.
    No solution is perfect – we need to take every opportunity possible to make choices that are better for our planet, even if they’re incremental improvements.

  4. Pete on

    ANYTHING to get folks focused on progressively weaning away from fossil fuels is a good thing.
    Unfortunately governments have given global oil companies way, way too much subsidies and politcal power.

  5. R Gregg on

    Electricity generation and energy generation are two different things. You should really have shown the stats relative to the latter as this is what is important really and highlights the huge challenge we are all facing (percentage would probably drop to less than 10%). At least we got to see more amazing tricks!

  6. Karl Schwab on

    To each his own. Nothing will ever satisfy man. What’s good for me may not be good for you. Find your group, join it, enjoy life and stop the bitching!

  7. David Simpson on

    Turbine blades can be re-purposed, they don’t need to be buried. They can provide structural material for industrial or large commercial buildings. It’s all down to imagination.


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