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Must Watch! Fully functioning LEGO bicycle will blow your mind

working lego bicycle concept from sleepycow
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We’ve seen a lot of clever bicycle creations and stop-motion animations over the years, but nothing like this fully functional, working bicycle from builder SleepyCow.

Submitted to the LEGO Ideas website as a concept for a future set, it has working brakes, drivetrain, kickstand, and even a rear rack with clamp. And a whole lot more, take a look:

The build uses 999 bricks, designed to recreate every function of a modern (albiet singlespeed) bicycle. Their list of features is:

– Sturdy bike frame
– Comfortable saddle
– Working drivetrain
– Half chain guard
– Realistic pedal and crank arm
– Functional freewheel mechanism
– Working pneumatic front and rear disc brakes
– Adjustable handlebars
– Spring loaded kickstand
– Bike bell
– Bike light
– Realistic spoke wheel
– Rear bike rack
– Bike GPS
– Drink bottle rack
– Rear deflector
– U lock
– Bike stand

working lego bicycle concept from sleepycow shown from drive side
All LEGO bicycle photos c. Sleepycow, via LEGO Ideas website…click the link below for more pics.

What’s impressive is that everything here is LEGO bricks, with a mix of Technics and traditional pieces. Having grown up building LEGO and with a son that makes some amazing “brickhead” characters, we can attest to the technical complexity of this build.

lego bicycle handlebar with GPS cycling computer and working brake levers

Small details like a GPS cycling computer and adjustable handlebar rotation really put this build above any other bike build we’ve seen.

lego bicycle handlebar with bell and brake levers

There’s even a working bell, but it’s the pneumatic brakes that push it to the next level:

working pneumatic bicycle brakes made from lego bricks

Several of LEGO’s Technics construction vehicle sets come with hydraulic parts that let you control cranes, claws, and other heavy equipment. This is a brilliant use of them to move a lever onto the brake rotor.

Sure, it’s not clamping the rotor like traditional brakes would, but it works, with simple rubber bands to retract the brakes as the lever is released.

lego bicycle drivetrain with chain guard cover

Check out the LEGO Bicyle submission on LEGO Ideas and give it a vote!

Which other LEGO Ideas submissions became real sets?

Ghostbusters ECTO 1 lego set
Official LEGO set photos c. LEGO.

Actually, quite a few. More than 30 sets have been take from brick fan concept to commercially available LEGO set. Some of the more recognizable ones include the Ghostbusters ECTO-1 and Caterham Super Seven vehicles (though it’s worth comparing the original Idea submission to the final product on the latter).

seinfeld apartment lego set

A lot of sets are based off pop culture, like Sesame Street, Voltron, The Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, and most recently, the Seinfeld apartment. But some of the most technically interesting are original ideas, like this typewriter from Steve Guinness:

typewriter lego set

Have you made any killer bicycle-related creations from LEGO (or any other medium)? Send us pics and details!

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2 years ago

As an AFOL and a cyclist, this is pretty cool!

2 years ago

Wow – that is impressive! The details are great.

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