2006 Peaty versus 2021 Peaty. Which will come out on top? Steve Peat pits his 2006 World Cup Overall Winning V10 against the 2021 model in Old vs. New. That’s a bike with a 1344mm wheelbase and 29″ wheels versus a bike with a 1192mm wheelbase and 26″ wheels… striking differences before we even get into the quality of the suspension. In 2006, Peaty “smoked” Minnaar by 0.05 seconds down Le Pleney. How will he fare now?

Old Versus New: Are DH Bikes faster or is Steve Peat just slower?

2006 santa cruz v10 versus 2021 cockpit fork components comparison

2006 santa cruz v10 versus 2021 coil shock comparison

2006 santa cruz v10 versus 2021 brake hubs comparison



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