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NAHBS 2012 – Mosaic, Muse, Speedhound & Stinner

NAHBS 2012 Mosaic Gold
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NAHBS 2012 Mosaic Gold

Mosaic Cycles framebuilder Aaron Barcheck hails from Boulder, CO, and builds mostly in titanium. Above is a good example of it, tricked out with gold bits for NAHBS, which happens to be Barcheck’s personal bike. His ‘cross bike resisted the urge to go with discs, keeping the simple aesthetic that carried over to most of the bikes in his booth, but there are some hidden details…

NAHBS 2012 Mosaic Gold Details
NAHBS 2012 Mosaic Road

Like the cyclocross bike above and mountain bike below, this road bike’s head tube is 44mm, letting you run a straight or tapered steerer. It has full internal wiring with a custom made titanium sleeve that holds the Calfee hidden battery inside the seat tube. You can check out how he did it on his Facebook page here.

NAHBS 2012 Mosaic Belt Drive

In the background, I believe this one is his latest personal road bike, half painted titanium with ENVE fork and DT Swiss deep section wheels. In front, a titanium hardtail with Rohloff internally geared hub and Gates’ belt drive. Check the reinforcements on the chainstays:

NAHBS 2012 Mosaic Belt Drive Details

These reinforcements are to keep the rear end really stiff to make sure the belt and the Rohloff do their job properly. Both brands like to make sure frames meet certain specifications in order to guarantee good performance.

NAHBS 2012 Mosaic Blue

This one is titanium with full SuperRecord that came in just about 15.3 pedals without pedals…with paint. Paint is done by Spectrum Powderworks in Colorado Springs.

NAHBS 2012 Mosaic Blue Close

NAHBS 2012 Mosaic Girl Bike Love

Mosaic about half of his builds in steel, but this one got the special treatment for our friend Sarai Snyder over at Girl Bike Love. It’s a True Temper OX Platinum frame decked out with a custom paint scheme to promote her girls-on-bikes advocacy and a very nice build, we’re thinking she ganked our spot in line for Ultegra Di2 wiring…

NAHBS 2012 Mosaic Girl Bike Love Details

Check out the detail around the wiring port. It has a BB30-ready bottom bracket, run here with adapters until Shimano brings their BB30 crankset to market. Ooops, did we say that out loud?

NAHBS 2012 Mosaic Track

And a lugged track bike thrown in for good measure.

NAHBS 2012 Mosaic Track DetailsMuse

2012 NAHBS Muse Cycles

Muse Cycles was tucked against the far wall among many of the newer exhibitors and folks that only brought one bike, yet this was one of the better looking mixte bikes at the show IMO. Very clean, swoopy lines led to both racks and fenders, the paint was clean and details were sharp. Check the front end of the twin top tubes where they angle into the head tube.

2012 NAHBS Muse Details

The flower was cut from the seat tube lug to provide some 3D relief, and check how smooth the junctions of the tubes are on the rear rack itself and where it meets the frame. The top of the racks are sized to let a U-lock slide through, shown on the far back corner. Disc brakes, chromed fenders and a generator front hub top it all off.


NAHBS 2012 Speedhound Road

Speedhound Bikes hails from Minneapolis, MN, and had just a few bikes in their booth…all built around the same frame but clearly spec’d with different riding styles in mind.

NAHBS 2012 Speedhound Rear Dropout

Their SDS (Speedhound Dropout System) lets you build the bikes with gears or not, chain or belt.

NAHBS 2012 Speedhound Seat tube

NAHBS 2012 Speedhound Road Details

This one caught my eye the most thanks to its tarnished un-finish. Canti brakes give it a tougher appearance than the slick tires otherwise portray, but there are standard road brake mounts on the frame, too, along with rack and fender holes. One frame to do it all.


NAHBS 2012 Stinner Hard Tail

Like Muse, Stinner Frameworks out of Santa Barbar had it’s back to the far wall, but nice details made it jump out. A gold chain and 4-ti pedals are usually enough to lure me in for a closer look. A super tight chain stay and very low stand over height mae this one of the smallest 29ers we’ve seen that didn’t sport some funky tube shaping.

NAHBS 2012 Stinner Detail

Check the tube-over-tube construction at the seatmast with cuts in the outer tube for 3D details.

NAHBS 2012 Stinner Cassette

Every hard tail needs a thru-axle, right?

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