While the rest of their bikes may have been overshadowed by the President’s Choice victory for the Enigma Exemplar, there were still quite a few other bikes of their worth checking out. The Enigma Ecroix gravel bike painted in a Union Jack theme was enough to attract Jayson’s attention at Interbike last year, but for NAHBS Enigma wanted to show something a little more ‘American.’ So just how do you combine an American theme with a bike brand out of the UK? You create something like the American Jack…

Blending the American flag with the Union Jack, the Enigma Elite is as flashy as it is patriotic. Channeling the days of Evil Knievel with 24k gold leaf logos, Enigma’s U.S. importer Michael Musil says the finish is 100% paint – no decals. However, if you wanted your own Columbus HSS steel frame painted in the same manner, the paint job alone would set you back about $3000.

One of the bikes that had Jayson drooling at Interbike was back on display in the Union Jack Ecroix.

It wasn’t all road and gravel bikes on display either, as Michael had his own titanium Enigma Ego mountain bike on one of the stands.

There were plenty of more naked titanium frames as well with various finishes from colorful anodizing to polishing. Then of course there was the Exemplar, which you can check out in detail over here.




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5 years ago

Gorgeous bikes, although I’m not keen on flying the flag of any country on my bike. I’m sick to death of nationalism and prefer not to be reminded of nausea-inducing 21st century politics whenever I look at my bike.

Michael - Enigma Bicycle Works
Reply to  Heffe

I promise you, the idea of the American and Union Jack flag had nothing to do with nationalism, at least not in a negative way. But I do get your point given the political climate currently.

We wanted to do something to celebrate Enigma getting into the US market with attending NAHBS for our first time. Dave, one of our painters had the idea of a US/UK meeting. He then had the idea of doing the Stars and Stripes in a way to pay tribute to Evel Knievel. Even in the logos and font. It was really just to see if we could do it and again, to pay tribute.

Our Union Jack paint scheme is quite popular with people in many countries. While at Interbike, we did have some people approach us asking if we could do a flag for their home country. And we’d be happy to do so if someone asked.

Thank you for the compliment on the bikes though. We have some talented builders and painters.

Please let me know if you there are any questions I can answer.

Enigma Bicycle Works.

Ryan S.
Ryan S.
5 years ago

It’s Evel Knievel. I gotta be that guy on this one. Love that they even paid homage to the typeface.

5 years ago

What’s the model name on the bike in the last photo? It’s a beauty.

Michael - Enigma Bicycle Works
Reply to  Robin

The last picture is our Enigma Esprit frame. It is a 3/2.5 titanium frame that is Made in the UK. It has a traditional horizontal top tube design. It is made to order for the rider.

We can do a brushed or bead blasted finish or we can do a painted or part paint/part titanium finish. For graphics, we can do a ti-anodzing effect, polished, brushed, bead blasted or a combination of them. Our in-house paintworks allows us to do anything the rider would like. Just let us know!

Please let me know if there are any other questions I can answer.

Enigma Bicycle Works