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NAHBS – Ground Up’s Flamethrowing Beach Cruiser, New Track Bike

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NAHBS 2010Ground Up’s founder Eric Baar was admittedly using this flame-thrower cruiser to draw people in and show them his new track bike, but let’s face it, this is far cooler.  Er, hotter.

Here’s how it works:  Fuel, in this case race gasoline, is put into the silver canister on the bottom of the down tube.  The shock pump directly above it is used to pressurize the tank to about 55psi (which will yield about a 15 foot flame).  From there, the rider would push a button on the nitrous solenoid (red box w/ logo) mounted to the seat tube to open the valve.  Fuel is then released through the sprayer tube sticking out behind the seat.  As it vaporizes into a mist over the tiki torch mounted to the rear fender, it ignites and creates visual happiness.  Simple, right?

Wanna see it in action?  Hit ‘more’ and you’ll get to see his black track bike, too…



Not as explosive as one would hope, but still better than not having a flamethrower on the back of your bike, right?  He probably won this crit.


Of course, what Baar really wanted to show off was his new track bike.  It’s even (in)famous:


His is the bike that’s skillfully evading the Cofidis rider, ridden by Dean Tracy, 2008-9 National Champion for whom the bike was built.  Tracy requested the bike after breaking too many other frames at the bottom bracket and said he wanted it fast and stiff, that “comfort is not a priority.”


By tucking the rear wheel up so close, it eliminates the need for a seatstay bridge.



Stays are attached on the inside of titanium dropouts, which were machined by hand.  Every bike at Ground Up starts as a total blank slate, which basically means he’ll build you whatever you can dream up.

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