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NEVERSECOND Sports Nutrition puts Science First for new gels & drink mix

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NEVERSECOND is a new endurance-specific sports nutrition brand to stake a claim in a crowded market. The brand claims to leverage “the most reliable scientific research and clinical trials to develop all NEVERSECOND products.” The line of products will include “C-Series” fuel gels and sports drinks for pre and mid-session support and the “P-Series” Recovery powder. The company colloquially refers to its line as “fueling solutions.”

NeverSecond C Series

A No-Nonsense Laboratory

NEVERSECOND is the brainchild of longtime endurance runner Bill Armstrong and sports nutritionist Asker Jeukendrup Ph.D. Armstrong sought Jeukendrup out while searching for adequate nutritional support for his personal physical demands. The two shared dissatisfactions over their perceived shortcomings of the sports nutrition market.

Jeukendrup felt that some drinks could detract from endurance performance, stating “it is highly probable that some of their fueling products are even hindering performance because their composition is not optimal or because they contain unnecessary ingredients. I’ve seen both scenarios cause severe gastrointestinal distress, cramping and incomplete fueling.”

Lisa Norden NeverSecond Athlete

And similar to other sports drinks, research and testing through pro team and athlete sponsorships resulted in NEVERSECOND’s take on a clean and optimal hydration and refueling product.

“Our mission is not to give you what we think you need, but what science has proven you need. Peak athletic performance comes from hard work and a dedicated scientific approach to training and nutrition,” the brand states.

NEVERSECOND Endurance Nutrition Lineup

The first wave of NEVERSECOND products arrived on the market July 6. Here’s what on tap:

  • C30 Energy Gel – MSRP $22 per 12 pack
  • C30+ Energy Gel w Caffeine – MSRP $37 per 20 servings
  • C30 Sports Drink Mix – MSRP $22 per 20 servings

The number refers to the grams of carbohydrates in each product.

The company’s website reveals only one entry for the recovery-central P-Series — a whey protein isolate powder mix dubbed “P60”. At the time of writing, the release date and MSRP for P60 were pending.

Learn more at Never2.com.
NeverSecond Drink Mix


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2 years ago

Phew – FINALLY… Someone is making science-based recovery/hydration/blhablahblah products. Has anyone researched the market? Has this never really be done before? 😉

2 years ago

The level of BS in this field is amazing, purely packaging houses… crazy…

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