New Backpack/Totebag From SSCY & Fun Neon Street Accessories


Based in NYC, SSCY is a new company breaking into the urban cycling market. Their most recent pack titled “The Tack” just started shipping. It’s a hybrid between a backpack and tote bag. The straps unbuckle and slide up for an easy conversion. Constructed from a heavyweight water-repellant cotton, metal hardware and buckles are used and the straps get some leather flair. Lining the pack are six 9-inch pockets that’ll each hold a u-lock. The top can be sealed off with a zippers and the design allows the pack to hold oversized items. Dimensions are 21 x 6 x 16 inches, respectable for a day pack. Handmade in Brooklyn, “the Tack” retails at $180 in black.

Pics and more accessories after the break…

tack backpack sscy carry bag tack backpack ssyc inside bike


The Halo Bike Belt

halo bike light belt multicolors red

Halo Belts made quite a stir in the fashion community. Granted, they do add a bit of flash to the commute, they seem also to be a functional piece of gear. It couldn’t hurt nighttime visibility to have a large strip of LEDs plastered across your waist.

A polyurethane fiber optic system is powered by two watch batteries and glows in red, blue, green, or yellow. Run time is quoted at roughly 20 hours with three settings: solid, strobe, and flash. An adjustable strap fits up to size 38 waist in men, down to 0 waist in women. Pricing is $85.

In the new year, word has it Halo and Rickshaw Bagworks are combining efforts to release a line of messengers with integral Halo lights.

   halo belt light bike shoulder blue

Bike Brightz

bikebrights led frame lights

If $85 bucks is out of your budget, and you’re still feeling that neon vibe, Bike Brightz can fix ya up. It’s an LED system priced $14.99 that can be zip tied anywhere on the bike. Just jam a couple AAA batteries in there and you’re all set in either blue, green, red, pink or yellow.

It gets three flashing modes, a steady mode, and weighs in at 56g.

Bike brights led strip batteries


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9 years ago

Hope that brakeless hipster has his organ donor card filled out.

9 years ago

Planet Bike BRT straps

Torgeir Hanssen
Torgeir Hanssen
9 years ago

Wow, that bag looks so different than the ones made by Chrome in SF.

It’s Battle of the Hipster Coasts!

I think the fashion spectrum utilized by the two companies’ bags are as wide as the gamut that splits black and dark black. In the marines, we used to carry our gear in sea bags–big canvas blobs of material with a C-lock on the top. These aren’t any different, except for the fact that one of these valiant vetarans’ grandkids found one in the basement, threw some shoulder straps on it, and now peddles his fabrication for $200, all in the name of peace and ironic t-shirts.

9 years ago

Commuting packs with big square corners to block your view are just plain dumb and dangerous. Do the people that design these actually use them?