While the merits of electric vehicles still whip up heated debates in the comment sections, one thing is for sure: modular EV platforms like Canoo’s mean there’s so much room for activities.

Canoo electric Pickup platform

With the entire drivetrain, powerpack, and suspension packed into a skateboard-like deck, the Canoo platform leaves a ton of room for all kinds of accessories throughout the vehicle’s body. When applied to something like the new Canoo Pickup, that means all kinds of hidden compartments for gear storage, integrated workbenches, tons of interior room, and options for a full camper set up.

Canoo electric Pickup side

Following the Canoo van, and MPDV (Multi Purpose Delivery Vehicle) which use the same platform, the pickup is the latest – and possibly most interesting addition for our audience. With a look that is reminiscent of the old VW Transporter pickups, the Canoo Pickup certainly stands out. Maybe not as much as a CyberTruck, but a refreshing change from the norm.

Canoo electric Pickup bed from back Canoo electric Pickup extendable bed

For the cycling crowd, the Canoo Pickup has a lot of potential. Options like integrated wheel chocks could be used for transporting bikes without a rack – or for those days where you plan to ride the moto instead. To ensure there is plenty of room in the bed, the 6ft bed has an expandable deck for longer bikes, or carrying 4×8′ sheets of plywood and other building supplies.

Canoo electric Pickup divided bed Canoo electric Pickup floor Canoo electric Pickup power station

Canoo calls it one of the most advanced truck beds out there, and by the looks of it, that may not be far off. Configurable to almost any need, the bed uses an “aircraft cargo style” bed floor to provide plenty of options when it comes to securing and transporting cargo. There’s also a built-in bed lighting system, and charging station for accessories, tools, and other needs.

Canoo electric Pickup camper shell

For the #vanlife crowd, Canoo suggests that there will be an optional camper shell which combines with the full roll-down rear window for pass-through into the cab. Options like an extended roof rack open up more cargo storage options including rooftop tents.

Canoo electric Pickup front workbench Canoo electric Pickup side workbench Canoo electric Pickup storage side

Further adventure-worthy options include a front workbench space with internal storage including more charging stations. The sides of the truck bed also fold down into usable workbench space, along with hidden storage cabinets below that double as steps to help you reach the cargo on the rack up top.

Canoo electric Pickup interior

Inside, the steer-by-wire system supposedly eliminates the traditional steering column bulk for a roomy interior that is easier to get in and out of. Not to mention, one that offers even more options for storage and customization. It seems that the standard configuration will be a two seater, but Canoo mentions options for bucket, bench, and a third seat.

Powered by a dual or rear motor setup, you have the option for RWD or 4WD and up to 600hp and 550 lb-ft of torque for the dual motor setup. Canoo claims that their battery pack is designed to be updated, replaced, or repaired to extend durability and should be good for up to 200+ miles of range depending on use.

That means you probably won’t be making any long road trips or venturing far into the backcountry without frequent stops to charge – but who knows what battery and charging tech will be like by the time this pickup starts shipping in early 2023.

If you can’t wait, the company says it will begin taking preorders in Q2 of 2021.

Vehicle specifications²:

· Dual or rear motor configurations

· Up to 600 hp and 550 lb-ft of torque with dual motors

· Vehicle payload capacity of 1800lbs

· 200+ miles of battery range

· Steer-by-wire and brake-by-wire technology

· Tow hitch receiver

· Wheelbase: 112.2 inches/ 2850 mm

· Overall length: 184 inches/ 4677 mm (with bed extension: 213 inches/ 5400 mm)

· Width: 78 inches/ 1980 mm (with mirrors: 87 inches/ 2209 mm)

· Height: 76 inches/ 1920 mm (with roof rack: 82 inches/ 2085 mm)

· Bed W,L: 64 inches/ 1627 mm x 72 inches/ 1817 mm (with extension: 64 inches/ 1627 mm x 102 inches/ 2600 mm)

· Bed depth: 21 inches/ 522 mm

· Roof rack W,L: 48 inches/ 1230 mm x 54 inches/ 1360 mm (as shown)

· Tires: 265 60r18 (as shown)

¹ Individual features available on select vehicles
² Vehicle specifications and performance metrics are prospective, reflecting current engineering and design direction, manufacturer simulations and EPA-estimated average range calculation methodology. Final production vehicle specifications and performance metrics are subject to change.




  1. Dr. Juan de Bobo, DDS on

    It certainly looks cool. But having the cab-over aesthetic with a fairly traditional seating position means the front sight lines are going to be absolute garbage with that high belt line and how far the base of the windshield is from the driver’s head.

    • Jul on

      Great point. Reminds me of a bus or tractor trailer cab. I hope it has sensors all around because you won’t be able to see small children or animals.

  2. mudrock19@gmail.com on

    I’m excited b for this, looks like the first design that takes advantage of the electric vehicle architecture. No reason for the front hood, just a lot of wasted space. My guess is early 2023 delivery is wishful thinking tho.

  3. The New Traditionalist on

    I would like this if I could also configure it to drive long “hood” forward (Alco RS-# series, Ace & Gary’s car, etc.).

  4. None Given on

    I have seen the LONG LONG lines for Tesla folks outside the mall…for WEEKS after a hurricane…so, no thanks. I will stick to my 14mph (premium please) 8cyl….no way on earth I depend on the grid. Nope.

    • thesteve4761 on

      You do realize you are MORE dependent on a grid than EV owners, right? How you gonna power that thing when the fuel trucks stop delivering? Whereas, if you can afford this stupid van/truck thing, you can probably also afford some solar panels, perhaps part of a home energy system not tied to a grid. So, yeah. No way on earth do you not depend on the grid. You’re just looking at the wrong grid. I have seen the LONG LONG lines for gas from the 70’s, and every time we see hurricane evacuations on the TV. So, no thanks. I’ll be getting rid of my gas powered vehicle ASAP. To become less dependent on the grid.

  5. Deputy Dawg on

    Interesting design. How do they achieve adequate protection in the frontal impact tests? Not bashing, just curious.

    • None Given on

      Looks like the old “Scooby Doo” style of Van, only this one would fill the planet with “Smug” (South Park reference)

  6. Jeff on

    Why cant car companies just take an existing f150 or similar and add this skateboard battery thing to that? make a trunk under the front hood and bam, instant EV truck. this thing only hold 2 people and they look to sit very close to each other so not much interior space. also the front “dash” area looks like such a huge waste of space. Also where are the climate controls or the radio, or the sat nav or all the other crap that people want?

    they got one thing right though, faux camping these type of vehicles will do will be well with in the 200 mile range of this thing. i look forward to seeing these “camping” in front of Panera and the yoga studio. maybe some adventurous owners will venture over to the Pategonia

  7. Royce Richardson on

    Only a two or three seater? 200+ miles for a four wheel drive? Where would you go offroading at with that kind of range? I like the design. I just can’t get passed the 200+ mile range. It would be better with a 350 or 400 mile battery. Also seems like there is unused space in front of the driver and passenger. Move the front seats up and make it a four seater. Hell, slap a roll bar in there if they are concerned about safety. Other than those two issues, I like it.


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