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New Canyon Inflite CFR CX Bike Gets Internal Cable Routing & More

With the first round of the UCI Cyclocross World Cup on the horizon. Canyon is showing off some sleek updates to its cyclocross rocket, the Inflite CFR.
Canyon Inflite CFR MVDPPhoto: Canyon
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Those who don’t even race cyclocross know the Canyon Inflite. Its trademark kinked top tube is almost as iconic as the riders that pilot it. Mathieu van der Poel, Puck Pieterse, Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado, Zoe Bäckstedt, and Maghalie Rochette are just a few that call the Canyon Inflite home.

Canyon Inflite CFR

That said, Canyon thought the Inflite CFR could use a little tweaking and modernization; with these changes, the Inflite CFR will look slightly different this ‘cross-season, but only to the keen-eyed.

Canyon Inflite CFR Full

Canyon Inflite CFR — What’s New?

The design is very close to the bike that took Mathieu van der Poel to victory at the 2023 Cyclocross World Championships. The update was so subtle, it was hard to notice. The new Caynon Inflite CFR models now come with clean internal cable routing.

2023 Canyon Inflite carbon cross bike, angled
Last years’ Canyon Inflite CFR

The previous model routed the brake hose and shifting wire/cable through a post on the fork and side of the headtube. The updated version sees internal cable routing similar to the Aeroad and Endurace.

Canyon Inflite CFR Aero Stem

Along with the internal routing, the updated version of the Canyon Inflite CFR will use Canyons CP0018 aero cockpits with 40 mm width adjustments. Now, riders can choose their bar width and experiment with others without a day for labor. Another performance extra comes in the form of Ceramic Speed bottom brackets. The performance-oriented brand will supply the bottom brackets on the newly updated line of Canyon Inflite CFR cyclocross bikes.

MvdP NFT.jpg

What does this mean for performance?

The internal routing looks excellent and should help (slightly) with shouldering and cleanliness of the bike. Maintenance, however, will take slightly longer than previously. Though super clean looking, the internals of the CP0018 will take extra time to switch out headset bearings, something fairly common for ‘cross racers.

However, Canyon knows this and must believe the upgrade is worth it for the top-end racers. Those racers with a team of mechanics that tear down and rebuild race bikes daily will make quick work of it. However, those without a service course might be in for extra service charges when the headset needs a change.

Canyon Inflite CFR Aero Stem inside

New Aero Cockpit

As for the cockpit, the CP0018 was overhauled after some incidents in major road races and looks sturdy. We have the updated CP0018 on our review of Canyon Endurace and have been delighted with the performance and adjustability. The Canyon CP0018 boasts 15 mm of height adjustment with zero steer tube cutting required.

Canyon Inflite CF

Canyon Inflite CFR Models and Availability

The updated Canyon Infinite CFR will be available starting September 28th, 2023, and will launch with two top-tier models. Both will retail for $7,880 (€7,499) and come in SRAM or Shimano offerings.

The Shimano-equipped Inflite CFR Di2 Team $7,880 (€7,499) comes fitted with Shimano’s12-speed 9200-series Dura-Ace Di2 shifting with a ‘cross focused 36/46 setup and an 11-34 cassette. The new frame rolls on DT Swiss’ top-line CRC 1100 Spline carbon wheels and Rotor Aldhu 24 Inspider power meter. The Shimano and SRAM offerings come with Canyon’s shock-absorbing S14 carbon comfort seatpost.

The SRAM-equipped Inflite CFR Team LTD $7,880(€7,499) uses a fully wireless one-by SRAM Red setup (40-tooth single chainring, 10-36 cassette). The SRAM version has a crank-integrated Quarq power meter and the same DT Swiss CRC 1100 wheels and finishing kit as the Inflite CFR Di2 Team.

Canyon Inflite CF Shimano

Canyon Inflite CF SLX and CF SL

For those looking for a new cyclocross steed this season but have yet to be ready for the top-tier commitment. Canyon is launching two CF SLX bikes and a single CF SL bike at more palatable price points. The Inflite CF SLX and Inflite CF SL are available in Shimano, or SRAM builds with DT-Swiss wheels.

Canyon Inflite CF white

The SRAM Force eTap AXS-equipped Inflite CF SLX 8 eTap $5,279 (€4,999). The Ultegra Di2-equipped Inflite CF SLX 8 Di2 $5,807 (€5,499). The bikes feature Quarq (SRAM) and Rotor (Shimano) power meters. Both arrive built around the Inflite CF SLX frame and DT Swiss’ CRC 1400 Spline deep-section wheels.

Inflite CF SL 7eTap comes fitted with a one-by SRAM Rival eTap AXS setup and retails for a solid $4,223 (€3,999). It arrives with a Quarq power meter, DT Swiss CRC 1600 Spline carbon wheels, and a Canyon H31 cockpit.

Check back for a full review of the Canyon Inflite CF SLX 8 Di2, and check out Canyon.com for more info.

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9 months ago

Headset cable routing = dead on arrival.

9 months ago

Those manufacturers that decided to stay with internal routing through the frame holes should really promote it with info, how much LBSs charge for the bike service, when cables routed through the headset. The difference can be as much as 50-70€ compared to 150-180€ for the latter.

9 months ago

Tire Clearance? Cross bikes are pointless for masses unless you can use them from gravel as well…

9 months ago


9 months ago

When I first saw the Ridley X-Night cross bike with all internal routing, I thought it looked amazing and I had to have one. It also has the hydraulic/di2 lines which run inside the bar, through the stem, and through the headset bearings… After having lived with the X-night now for a few seasons, I will NEVER buy a full internally routed bike again. I do all my own mechanic work and it is a complete nightmare. Sure, if I had a shop do all this for me… $$$$

Want to change your stem length? That requires all new hydraulic lines, because now they are not the correct length because they have to be cut to such a precise length to fit inside of everything.

Want to change bar width, or adjust the angle of your hoods? All new hydraulic lines again for this same reason. There is no margin for adjustment once they’re routed.

And re-routing hydraulic lines through the frame and fork isn’t fun. I’m talking pull the crankset, pull out the bottom bracket because it’s impossible to feed the rear hydro line through the BB shell area with how little room there is in that area. Hope you have the special press-fit BB tool to both remove and install that as well.

Take it from me, fully internal is a huge hassle for the home mechanic. Maybe other bikes have more leeway in how precise the hyrdo lines have to be, but on my bike they have to be only one precise length for any given stem/bar/angle setup.

Sorry for the long rant, but for me, fully internal is 100% a deal breaker. Although it looks sick…

9 months ago
Reply to  Chris

Agreed, when it comes to cross bikes. I love it on my road bike, but when my wife was racing cross it wasn’t uncommon for to have to replace Some type of bearing on one of the two bikes weekly.

There’s also a reasonable upper limit to how much people want to pay for CX bikes, and it doesn’t follow road bikes. Anything over 4K, having to buy 2 of them, gets VERY expensive. Anyone without a pure sponsorship is going to struggle at these price points.

9 months ago

Seems weird that Canyon is putting this handlebar on all of their drop-bar bikes now considering it’s a fixed 100mm stem with no way to request a different length and no other options from other brands since it’s a proprietary system. They must be saving a ton of money doing this because I can’t think of a logical reason otherwise. If it wasn’t for that, the Endurace would probably be my next bike.

Jamie Levett
Jamie Levett
9 months ago

From an engineering perspective, that steering assembly cut-away is horrific.

9 months ago

Cross bikes are the one category of bike where headset cable routing makes zero sense. At all.

A pretty egregious design fail from Canyon. If this is your bike for the cross season I fear for your mechanic.

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