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New Drift Ghost-S Aims to Scare Action Camera Competition with Longest Battery Life Available

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Ghost_white_360 view hi-res

Want to capture all of your bicycle exploits in glorious HD, but are tired of running out of battery just before things start to get good? If that’s the case, you may want to check out the new Drift Ghost-S as it claims the longest battery life on the market while building in a number of high end features. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the constant march of technology especially in the world of action cameras, but thanks to that need for constant improvement the current crop of cameras including the Ghost-S put useability and image quality at an all time high. Continuing on where the Drift HD Ghost left off, the Ghost-S has a similar design but beefs up the internals.

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Ghost_white front view lens hi-res Ghost_white battery hatch hi-res

Built with a similar form to the JVC Adixxion we recently reviewed, the Ghost-S is all about building in the most advanced features while keeping everything super easy to use. Unlike the JVC though, the Drift camera features a 300° rotating lens to make positioning the camera so that the footage is level a breeze. The lens itself also gets a boost with a new 7 element aspherical design which when combined with the new Sony CMOS sensor and a processor that is twice as fast as the original, makes for a camera capable of 1080p at 60fps and up to 12mp stills.

Ghost_white side LCD screen hi-res

Like the Ghost, the Ghost-S uses a 2 inch LCD screen covered in Corning Gorilla Glass that allows for live preview or reviewing your footage and navigating the menu. Changing to new settings like normal, vivid, or low light mode on the camera is easily done through the buttons on the top of the body with low light mode automatically adjusting for light conditions. Other settings include video, photo, photoburst, or timelapse.

Additional features include Clone Mode where up to 5 cameras can be synced over Wi Fi to operate in tandem with the original camera without having to manually configure them, and Video Tagging which records a continuous buffered loop. Do something you want to record, then tag it – which records the previous segment up to 5 minutes and saves it while the rest of the loop is discarded.

Ghost_white side view mount hi-res

The Drift uses a 1/4-20 threaded mount on the side (or bottom depending on how you look at it) but to keep the camera from rotating, Drift mounts have a serrated circle that mates with the camera.  The single mount is why the rotating lens is important, so you can get the shot no matter the angle. The Ghost-S is compatible with all of the mounts of the Ghost, making it simple to set up on just about anything that moves.


To keep everything sealed and provide the 3m waterproofing without an additional case (196 feet with the additional dive case), the Ghost-S uses a magnesium alloy door that threads closed. Inside you’ll find the battery compartment, Micro SD card, USB and HDMI ports, and an external mic port. Drift sells a connector hatch that allows access to the USB port and the microphone port while the hatch is installed.

Fitted with a 1700mAh battery, the Ghost-S will provide up to 3.5 hours of filming at 30fps. Still not enough juice? Buy a spare battery and swap it out on your ride.

Ghost_white_remote_blue_2_hi-res Ghost_white_remote_red_1_hi-res

Ghost_white_remote_purple_5_hi-res Ghost_white_remote_yellow_4_hi-res

Like the original, the Ghost-S includes a rechargeable two way remote that indicates the camera mode with different colored LEDs. The remotes can control multiple Drift cameras at the same time, or you can use the free Android or Apple Drift App to control the camera over Wi Fi even up to 60 feet away.

Setting their sites squarely on the GoPro Hero 3+, the Drift Ghost-S will retail for $399 and is available starting November 26. Just in time for the holiday season.

New Features:

  • 1080p at 60fps – Increased video performance to capture every detail.
  • 3.5 hour Battery Life – Best in class, record more and worry less.
  • Scene Mode – Choose between Normal, Vivid or Low-Light mode.
  • Slow Shutter Mode – Dramatically improves low light performance.
  • Clone Mode – Sync & Control four cameras from one master camera.
  • Bit Rate – Adjust the video compression from low to high for best possible resolution.

What’s Included:

  • Drift Ghost-S
  • Two-Way Remote Control
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Universal Clip
  • Goggle Mount
  • Connector Hatch
  • Surface Mount Kit
  • Wrist Strap
  • USB Cable & Mic Ext. Cable


  • Camera Weight: 171g
  • Camera Dimensions: 105 (L) x 52 (W) x 33 (D) mm
  • Remote Weight: 22g
  • Remote Dimensions: 59 (L) x 48 (W) x 12 (D) mm
  • Shoots stunning video including: 1080p at 60fps, 960p at 60fps, 720p at 120fps.
  • “Scene Mode” and “Slow Shutter Mode” for improved low-light performance.
  • Built-in LCD screen.
  • 12MP, 8MP, and 5MP still photos.
  • Timelapse photography with intervals from 0.5s to 1min.
  • Two-Way Remote control with LED indicators.
  • 7-element aspherical lens, leading-edge processor, and Sony™ CMOS sensor for crystal-clear footage.
  • Adjustable Bit Rate.
  • Flashback Video Tagging, Clone Mode, and Car DVR mode.
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10 years ago

The technology keeps making these cameras nicer, but not cheaper. $400?!

10 years ago

Seems pretty nice but if you’re willing to put up with sketchy tech, there’s always Alibaba and their cheap cameras.

10 years ago

I keep waiting for the 240 fps 1080 setting; until then I’ll just sit out the updates on all these action cams

9 years ago

I am/was interested in 2 of these cameras for automotive use when I read about their so-called ‘Car DVR’ mode. Great, but I can’t find out accurate information about this mode.

Trying to call or write Drift is hopeless. Calling distributors results in the same. B&H said it was one of the worst explanations they’ve seen in quite some time. I replied don’t feel bad — nearly 30 years of professional video production and I can’t either.

I really like the camera insofar as the potential usage. Do you know of someone I can call whom actually comprehends HOW the Car DVR mode works? What records and how long of an ‘interval’ it skips, among other questions.

Ihave VOIP, so I can call nationwide at n/c.

Thank you for the assistance.

9 years ago

Mike, Car DVR mode works like this: The camera powers up and begins recording when external power is delivered to the mini USB Port from your car’s 12 volt system with USB adapter. It then records clips continuously until your memory card is full. Then the oldest clips are deleted and newest clips saved. You set the interval you want to record at 1, 3, 5 or 10 minutes. Give me a call if you like at 888-540-CAMS (2267).

9 years ago


In Car DVR mode, the camera powers up and begins recording clips when power is delivered to the USB Port from your car’s 12 volt port with usb adapter. The camera then continuously records clips of 1, 3, 5 or 10 minute length (you select the clip length) and saves all the clips until the memory card is full. Then it deletes the oldest clips and replaces them with the newest clips. Give me a call at 888-540-CAMS (2267) if you have any question.

9 years ago

Newest, latest and greatest technology. Are you kidding me? Who the hell puts 10 year old technology into a new camera?? Mini b usb connector?? what are these guys thinking?? Can’t use what EVERYTHING else on the planet uses?? Now I have to find these old freaking cables to carry around as well.. total loser..

9 years ago

Sonnyinaz, you do realize that the miniusb is a pretty robust connector, right? It does things and has RETAINMENT that blows microusb out of the water. It’s a way stronger connector than microusb as well. I would much rather have a mini usb on my action cam when I have to tether it to an external battery pack instead of micro.

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