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New Focus VAM2 SL eMTB dips under 36lbs!

rider on a focus vam2 sl e-mountain bike

The new Focus VAM2 introduces an entirely new suspension design to their e-bike lineup. A new motor and full carbon frame save weight and give them new kinematics to play with for a poppy short travel platform.

Their current touring-oriented Thron2 model uses a VPP design, and the JAM2 and SAM2 use an alloy Horst Link design. The VAM2 SL switches to a carbon fiber rear triangle with no rear pivot and flex seatstays. This combo brings the claimed frame weight as low as 2,172g (4.79lbs) for the top spec, and a complete bike weight under 36 pounds!

Frame details & tech

A smaller battery and Fazua’s tiny Ride 60 motor combine with the sleek rear end for a bike that looks very much like an analog bike.

The 430Wh battery should give you plenty of juice, but you can add their 210Wh range extender and plug it in while riding to extend play time.

An integrated mud flap keeps gunk from wedging between the chainstay yoke and BB shell, and frame protection wrap protects the carbon and finish, too.

You can pair the Fazua system with your cycling computer to display cadence and power (as in, your power output in watts). It also pairs with their own app so you can customize the motor’s output per setting.

The Focus VAM2 SL gets 125mm rear wheel travel with a stout main pivot and thick chainstays and yoke to keep it torsionally stiff. Up front are 130mm forks, but it’s compatible with 140mm forks, too.

The seatstays are flattened, allowing them to flex as the suspension compresses. These types of pivot-free rear ends typically provide a snappier feel.

The battery display is flat on the top tube, but the power button is integrated into the mode dial on the handlebar.

All cables run through the headset, entering a port under the stem. Split spacers keep it easy to adjust stack height. The top two models (9.9 & 9.0) get Focus’s new 290g one-piece bar stem.

An integrated chain keeper and removable motor cover (which doubles as impact protection) come standard.

Geometry & pricing

An adjustable head angle lets you tune it for the trails at hand. Swapping to a 140mm fork will slacken the head angle by 0.5º.

Complete bikes top out at €10,999 for the top VAM2 SL 9.0 model with a claimed weight of just 16.2kg (35.75lb). The 9.9 (€8,699, 17.5kg) and 9.8 (€6,899, 18.4kg) sit below that. (UPDATED: The weight for the top model was originally written as 31.75lbs, which has been corrected)

The 8.9 (€5,799) model uses a lower level carbon for a 2,545g (5.61lb) frame weight and 19.1kg complete bike weight. Full specs for all models on their website.


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Wandering lad
Wandering lad
4 months ago

Your based in NC and reviewing bikes not even available in North America? Why?

4 months ago
Reply to  Wandering lad

Global audience

Wandering lad
Wandering lad
3 months ago
Reply to  Tyler Benedict

Fair enough but I’d encourage you to clearly identify which products are, and which aren’t available globally. At least at time of review. Under your pricing section might be a good spot?

Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez
4 months ago

I’m loving how light the Ebikes keep getting! This is important for a lot of riders .

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