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New From GU: Brew Tablets, Cherry Lime Roctane, and More

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How do you make one of the best energy food products on the market even better? Why, add more flavors of course. If that isn’t enough, then making an already great product easier to use, isn’t a bad idea either, which is exactly what GU has done with their new GU Brew Electrolyte Tablets. While similar in nutritional value to their Brew series of sports drink mix, the main difference between Brew Tabs and Brew Powder, is the sugar content. Like most energy drink tablets like Nuun and CamelBak Elixir, GU Tabs are a low calorie or Brew with only 10 calories, and only 1g of carbs which is most likely accomplished due to the inclusion of Stevia extract in the ingredients.

In addition to the new Brew Tabs, GU is also now shipping all the recently announced new flavors of Chomps, with Peach Tea and Watermelon, and also the entirely new flavor of Roctane: Cherry Lime. The addition of Cherry Lime was made after all Interbike show goers were able to vote on three new flavors at the show, with Cherry Lime obviously winning out over a tropical, and chocolate flavor.

So how does the total nutrition content of a Brew Tab vary from Brew Powder, and what flavors are available?

Find out after the break!

In typical GU fashion, they have already done the legwork for you and produced this nifty comparison chart between GU Brew Tabs, and what they feel are their closest competitors.  Obviously, GU comes in the lowest out of the three for the various electrolytes, however wins a few battles in the “not added” categories.

Compared with one packet of GU Brew Powder, minus the sugar and carbs, the electrolytes are surprisingly similar. While GU Tabs have 5mg less Sodium than the powder, the tabs actually have 5mg more Potassium. The only other real difference between the two, is that Brew Powder is packets that are meant for a 21 oz. serving, which is slightly more than the 16 oz. intended serving size for Brew Tabs.

After dropping the tablet into a 16 oz. bottle of water, the GU Brew Tab dissolves just as quickly as other tablets, and is fully ready to drink in just a few minutes. Taste wise, the drink mix is incredibly easy to palate, and produce a very slightly carbonated drink. Compared to other tablets I have tried, the GU Brew tab is my clear favorite, but not because of performance. Basically, I can’t stand artificial sweeteners regardless of taste due to the fact that I react negatively to them enough that I stay clear of them at all costs. While I am no fan of Stevia in its packaged form, I can tolerate the amount in the Brew Tab, and drink the entire bottle with no perceived effects that I have noticed with other tablets. So while I will naturally gravitate towards drink powders with plain old sugar, if I were to reach for a portable, easy solution to hydration on the go, Brew Tablets would be an easy choice.

GU Brew Tablets are available now in Orange, Lemon-lime, and Peach Tea flavors, and come in 12 count tubes which retail for $6.50.

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