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New Granite Stash RT hides 9cm ratchet and 8-bits inside steerer tube

granite stash rt multitool with 9cm ratchet stows inside steerer tube
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Granite Designs has released a new and improved version of its Stash steerer tube-stowed multitool, the Stash RT, adding a 92mm long two-way ratchet in a bid to improve leverage and make those harder-to-reach bolt heads more accessible. Carefully designed magnets secure no fewer than eight bits to the tool body, with a 50mm PH1 bit also stowed in there to increase the length of the ratchet by a further 14mm. A spring-loaded container holds the multitool inside the steerer allowing super-fast tool-free access, and all that without the need to tap the steerer tube. Here’s how it works. 

Granite Design Stash RT

granite stash rt 8 function multitool housed inside steerer tube with long handle ratchet drive
The Granite Stash RT weighs a claimed 159g

The Granite Stash RT toolkit consists of a 9.2cm long two-way ratchet with a 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm Hex, a T25 Torx, as well as the PH1 bit which can extend the ratchet’s handle to a possible 10.6 cm long. That should make it easier to adjust hard-to-reach bolts, as well as supply the additional leverage necessary to tighten bolts with a higher recommended torque value, such as pivot bolts.

granite stash rt ratchet tool

Inside the steerer, the multitool is housed within a spring-loaded container that locks the contents securely into place. Pushing down on the (what would be) top cap while turning it releases the multitool from its home. Granite tells us the Stash RT is a little more secure than the original pres-fit design which relied on an O-ring.

granite design stash rt multitool spring loaded container inside steerer tool-free access

During the development of the Stash RT, Granite Designs saw fit to improve the tool’s compatibility; unlike the original Stash Multi-tool, the Stash RT can fit forks that have a steerer with an ovalised inside face, such as the Fox 38 enduro fork.

scope computer mount atop granite stash rt
The top cap can be converted into a cycling computer mount by virtue of the Granite Scope Mounts

granite designs stash rt scope computer mount

Unlike earlier models of steerer-stowed multi-tools, the Granite Stash RT does not require one to tap one’s fork steerer tube, potentially voiding its warranty policy. So, without a star-fangled nut…

How does the Stash RT pre-load the headset?

granite stash rt preload headset remove play threaded from bottom of steerer

The Stash RT takes care of headset pre-load from the base. The traditional top cap is replaced by what might be considered the bottom cap; a wide, circular brace with a bolt running through it that threads into the lower portion of the Stash RT multitool container. From here, tightening the bolt cinches everything tight to pre-load the headset bearings and remove any play. 

Pricing & Availability

MSRP for the Granite Designs Stash RT is $69.99. An extra $8.99 USD gets you your choice of Scope mount for a cycle computer.


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