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New Industry Nine Mountain Bike Wheels, Rims and Single Speed Hub

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BIKERUMOR.com 2009 SEA OTTER CLASSIC COVERAGE: At long last, Industry Nine has started building complete wheels with their own rims.  Available with Downhill / Freeride, All Mountain, Enduro and XC builds, plus some Ultra Lite race builds, I9 has you covered.  Of course, you can still have them built to any rim you want, but with these options, why would you:

  • Ultralite Race: 1320g – I9 XC hub and spokes, Stans ZTR 7000 Race rim
  • Ultralite: 1460g – I9 XC hub and spokes, Stans ZTR 355 rim
  • Cross Country: 1610g – I9 XC hub, spokes and rim (23mm width rim)
  • All Mountain: 1750g – I9 Enduro hub and spokes, I9 AM rim (25mm width)
  • Enduro: 1860g – I9 Enduro hub, spokes and rim (28mm width)
  • DH / FR: 2150g – I9 DH hub, spokes and rim (30mm width)
  • Ultralite 29″: 1620g – I9 XC hub, EN spokes, Stans 355 29er rim
  • Cross Country 29″: 1740g – I9 XC hub, EN spokes, Stans ZTR Arch 29er rim
  • Enduro 29″: 1840g – I9 EN hub and spokes, Stan’s Flow 29er rim

All I9 rims come in black or white.  The white adds 30g.  As you’ll see in the rest of the pics, they offer every axle configuration out there, including the Specialized 25mm, and they’ll be adding the upcoming X12 standard that you probably don’t know about yet.  They even have an option to run the DT Swiss 9mm bolt, which adds tremendous stiffness to a normal fork by replacing the normal, tiny QR skewer.

The previous post has a video run through of all their new goodies. Hit “more” to see all the pics and details, including their new DH flange hub and single speed hub

industry nine xc cross country mountain bike wheel with I9 rim,

The XC model, shown with their re-introduce Brown spoke and hub color and the white option on the rim.

industry nine xc cross country mountain bike wheel with I9 rim,

Industry Nine’s rims are welded, single-eyelet affairs.  They can be run tubeless using a system like Stan’s NoTubes. Their mountain rim weights are in line with other brand’s offerings:

  • XC: 420g
  • AM: 450g
  • EN: 510g
  • DH: 620g


Worried about changing standards as you contemplate a new wheelset?  You should be.  Fortunately, Industry Nine has you covered.  All of their hubs are convertible to any axle standard you want to run.  From left to right are:

  • Standard QR
  • 9mm thru axle (DT Swiss)
  • 15mm
  • 20mm
  • 24mm Maverick
  • (not shown) 25mm Specialized
  • REAR: QR135
  • REAR: 10×135
  • REAR: 12×135
  • REAR: 12×150 (hub shell required)

Being the astute observer you are, you’re probably thinking “those hubs all have regular flanges, not the I9 spoke flanges.”  After which, you’re probably wondering “what’s up with that?”

All Industry Nine hubs are available with regular flanges, too, if you’d like to build a wheel without proprietary spokes…

industry nine i9 single speed mountain bike hub bicycle freewheel

…including their new Single Speed hub.  The freehub body can actually accommodate up to five 9-speed gears if you wanted to run a short stack on there, or just use spacers to get your single speed chainline right.


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