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New Light & Motion SECA Series

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Light and Motion has just released their new SECA lights, the 700 Ultra, 700 Race and Seca 400.  The two “700” models share the same light and specs, with the only difference being the battery.  The Race comes with a smaller battery to save weight, while the Ultra gets a larger battery capable of up to a 20 hour run time.  The 700 and 400 numbers refer to the Lumen output.  Read “more” for all the specs, details, pricing and of course, more pics…

The Seca lights have massive heat sinks on the top rear of the unit.  The sinks are red on the Ultra and Race, and gray on the 400.  Other than that, they all look identical.

They come with a quick, tool free mount for both helmets and bars.

They use a highly customized reflector to give the Seca’s a “Gem” shaped beam pattern to illuminate the parts of a trail (or street) that you really need to see.

The 700’s use the same 700 Lumen bulb.  The difference is the battery, which gives them different run and charge times.  Above, the larger 9-cell Li-ion battery of the Ultra.  Below, the 6-cell Li-ion battery of the Race. (these pics are not to scale with each other…the size of the plug hole would be the same if they were in scale)

Both 700’s have three Lumen settings of 700, 350 and 175, plus a Flash mode.  With the Ultra, you get 5, 10 or 20 hours of light per charge.  The Race, with the smaller battery, gives you 3.5, 7 or 14 hours.  Both of them will flash for over four days straight.

The 400 uses a 3-cell Li-ion battery, giving you 2.5 (400 Lumens), 5 (200) or 10 (100) hours of run time per charge.  Weights, MSRP and other specs are below (click the pic to enlarge):

All three lights feature both a Race and Cruise mode.  In Cruise mode, the button will cycle the light through all four settings (High, Med, Low and Flash).  Hold the button down for two seconds and it switches to race mode, cutting out the Medium and Flash settings.  This lets you run it at low for climbs and save power, then quickly switch to High when you get back into the singletrack or hit the descents.

We’ve got one of these on the way for a full review…so we’ll keep you posted.  If you’re in the market for a light, be sure to join our mailing list and we’ll let you know as soon as the review is up!

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