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The New Otso Voytek 2 Is One of the Most Adjustable Bikes on the Market

(And it doesn't ride like a fat bike)

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There are some who would say fat biking is dead. Otso Cycles apparently didn’t get the message as they’re back with not just a new fat bike, but an exciting hardtail that transcends categories. Even for those who aren’t into fat bikes, there’s enough going on with the new Otso Voytek 2 that it’s worth a look.

Most Adjustable Geometry Yet

It’s hard to know where to begin with the Voytek 2, especially when talking about the geometry. The new bike is updated from the original Voytek with a 1º slacker head tube angle and 1º steeper seat tube angle to put it more in line with modern MTB trends, but that’s just the beginning.

Otso already offered some geometry adjustment through their Tuning Chip dropout system. Now, they’ve added even more adjustment with their new GeoChip system up front.

GeoChip not only allows you to adjust the head tube angle by +/-1º or +/-2º, but it also gives you the ability to adjust reach by +/-10mm. Add that to the three different positions for the Tuning Chip, and the possibility of running three different wheel sizes, and you have a geometry chart that needs multiple buttons to display all the combinations.

Otso Voytek 2 geometry

The screenshot above gives you a taste of the geometry in the most-stock configuration, but to see all the permutations, you’ll need to head over to the Otso website.

Basically, with the new geometry possibilities, you’re pretty much guaranteed you can find your preferred setting. This is good, because there are a lot of ways you could ride this bike.

More Tire Clearance, Same Narrow Q-Factor

The Voytek 2 is still first and foremost a fat bike, so Otso added additional fat bike tire clearance – without increasing q-factor.

How is that possible? The limiting factor of the original Voytek was the tire rubbing on the chain. In order to give the drivetrain more room, Otso simply moved it outboard in relation to the rear tire.

That means the rear hub is dished 5mm outboard, and the frame is built around this offset rim design. Yes, that does mean you’ll need specific rear wheels for the Voytek 2, but it’s not the first time a fat bike has relied on an offset rim design. Otso will be offering pre-built wheels in 26, 27.5, and 29″, or you could have your favorite wheel builder make a set for you easily.

The tradeoff to that dished wheel is true clearance for 26 x 4.6″ or 27.5 x 4.5″ tires with a 12-speed drivetrain on stock 80mm rims. I had run 26 x 4.6″ tires on the original Voytek, but it was tight. There is definitely more clearance on the new frame, especially when you get into the 27.5″ fat tires.

Not Just a Fat Bike

In addition to 26 or 27.5″ fat bike tires, the frame has clearance to run 27.5+ or 29 x 3.0″ tires as well. Combined with modern and customizable geometry, a larger front triangle, shorter standover, and more mounts, the Voytek 2 should make an excellent bikepacking rig for any time of year.

The frame is also suspension-corrected for a 120mm travel fork, so you can either ride it rigid, or add your preferred suspension fork for a more comfortable ride.

So Many Mounts

With threaded mounts just about everywhere, Voytek 2 is ready to carry it all. There’s a 4 pack mount on the top of the downtube, standard bottle mounts on the seat tube, and under the downtube, two additional mounting points further up the downtube, a three-pack mount under the top tube, bento bag mounts on top, three-pack mounts on each fork leg, plus the ability to run a rear rack with the threaded Tuning Chip dropout, or with one of the OMM axle mounted set ups front & rear.

All of the threaded mounts on the inside of the front triangle make it possible to run a frame bag without all the usual straps, and Otso even gives you PDFs of the frame bag dimensions for each frame size so you can have a custom bag made.

Frame Details

Otso Voytek 2 actual weight

The carbon fiber frame is impressively light at 1,350g (for a fat bike), while the carbon fork checks in at 650g. When paired with a lightweight build kit, complete bike weights are impressive. Our medium test bike with a moderate Shimano XT build kit, a carbon rigid post, carbon bar, and 26 x 4″ tires weighs just 25.75lb with sealant in the tires.

Bottom bracket standard
83mm (Press Fit 107)
Q-factor183mm with Race Face Next SL crankset, 188mm with Race Face Aeffect crankset
Maximum chainring size36T round or 34T oval
Front derailleur typeNone. 1x only bike.
HeadsetIS42 upper, IS52 lower
Seatpost diameterØ30.9mm, accommodates internally routed dropper post
Seatpost clampØ34.9mm
Front/rear hub standard150x15mm thru axle / 177x12mm thru axle
Front/rear axleØ15x150mm, TP=1.5, TL=12mm / Ø12x216mm, TP=1.5, TL=14mm
Derailleur hangerTuning Chip Right Dropout
Rear brake (rotor)74mm post (160mm native, 180mm max)
Front brake (rotor)74mm post (160mm native, 180mm max)
Fork axle-to-crown150x15mm thru axle / 177x12mm thru-axle
Fork offset51mm
Bare frame weight (size M)1350g
Fork weight (Otso rigid fork)650g
Tire clearance (frame)Up to 26″ x 4.0″ in forward Tuning Chip position, up to 26″ x 4.6″ in middle and back position
Tire clearance (fork)Up to 26″ x 5.4″ on 100mm rim
120mm fork note485mm, suspension-corrected to 100-120mm travel forks
Frame Bag DimensionsSmall Medium Large X-Large 
Seatpost Insertion DepthSmall 165mm; Medium 220mm; Large 270mm; X-Large 320mm
Max weight (rider + gear)275 lbs
Max spacer stack under stem40mm
Max spacer stack above stem10mm
Max stem bolt torque6 Nm

Pricing & Availability

The Voytek 2 is available now in three colors at any stocking Otso dealer, or at Otsocycles.com. You can build your own Voytek 2 with their Custom Bike Builder which allows you to individualize everything down to the anodized color of specific components. Complete bikes start at $3,995, or you can pick up the frankset (frame, fork, and cranks) for $3,295.

We have a full review coming soon, stay tuned.

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6 months ago

The color scheme really reminds me of Polygon Xtrada 6/7

john vandenberg
6 months ago

what a shame they dished that rear wheel. Now you can’t just buy standard wheelsets anymore. Stupid, really stupid. I just had a $2K carbon wheelset built for my Voytek 1. Berd spokes, killer wheels. Now I’d have to send it back to the builder and have the re-dish it, and then I can’t use it on any other 177 rear fatbike. I hate this crap. They should have left it centered. If you want more clearance, then a Voytek isn’t for you, they have a 197 rear end bike already.

john vandenberg
6 months ago

and, no UDH rear hanger because of their tuning chip I’m guessing. So no current or future transmission SRAM wireless, ever. It’s future proofed with all the stuff that doesn’t matter to me at all. Can’t believe I’m dissing Otso. I’ve loved my Voytek for 6 years. And there aren’t exactly any other uber light carbon 177 rear fatbike frames with 83mm BB to switch to.

6 months ago

I’m not up to speed on the transmission/UDH stuff. Does this mean the V2 will not accept “regular” SRAM GX wireless? or does the lack of UDH preclude only the transmission stuff. And I was still busy being mad at Trek for 35mm bars!

Spencer Anderson
Spencer Anderson
6 months ago

While I agree that offset wheels are annoying, its not hard to dish it yourself. My cannondale bikes with AI offset just required me to do 2 turns (loosen one side and tighten the other) per nipple to get it right. I did it with my crank bros multi tool as well. Took maybe 30 minutes for both wheels. Just spun the wheels with a zip tie on the frame next to them after that to make sure they’re true. Wasn’t too bad all in all.

john vandenberg
6 months ago

But then I can’t swap them, or sell them easily. It’s just a hassle that in my eye, doesn’t bring enough benefit to the Voytek. The Voytek is not a “regular” fatbike, and thus, shouldn’t have to accommodate the largest rims and tires. That’s what their other bike is for. For people who race fat bikes, or use them year round with 29er wheels, all that matters is that narrow Q factor. That’s the key. Trickery like dishing wheels to eek out a little more width just seems wrong. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE my Voytek, Otso, and everything wolf tooth. I just had high hopes of buying a new one and swapping things around between my old one and new one. At least the BB width and crank options is the same.

3 months ago

“easy” is a judgement call. Offsetting your rear wheel is pretty easy for most people and if not, it is fairly cheap and definity easy to get it done at any decent shop. Just dish it back to neutral “if” you ever need to sell your rims = “easy”!!

You have a point about being able to swap wheels around though. For sure If you had multiple fat bikes then you lose the “quick” swap aspect! Course it’s also “possible” that you could run the offset wheels in other frames too? OR if your not wanting to run wider rims and larger tires anyway, maybe you can run smaller and narrower set up on the new frame without the dish? OR less dish so they can still work in other frames? (I swap between dished and non dished rear wheels on one bike all the time. It’s only 3mm and I do get a little rub now and then, but no problem!)

My guess is that Otso is reacting to customer feedback about not being able to fit larger wheels/rims and a 12 speed cassette and that those were the people being the most vocal? For sure I saw a lot of comments complaining about it…

3 months ago


When do you think the full review will be out?

Happy holidays!

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