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New Torch Socks From Shower’s Pass Designed for Comfort, Warmth and Visibility

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Shower's Pass Torch socks, banner
The Pacific Northwest and Northern California are amazing areas to ride bikes, but there’s always a sacrifice- With the delightfully challenging and scenic mountainous terrain comes inclement weather patterns, and riding in wet conditions is unavoidable for dedicated cyclists.

Hailing from this meteorologically moody area is Shower’s pass, a company who set out to produce technical cycling clothing that keeps you out on your bike regardless of the weather, like the Refuge jacket and body-mapped baselayers we reviewed last month. They’ve just released their new Torch socks which provide visibility, durability and comfort with their compression-fit merino blend material and 3M reflective accents.

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Shower's Pass Torch socks, on rider
Shower’s pass called these socks the Torch for two reasons: because they’re warm and provide excellent visibility in the dark. Their reflective 3M logos are made with the company’s Scotchlite reflective technology. The heat transfer material reflects much brighter than screen-printed ink alternatives, and actually achieves a rating of 500 candlepower. The reflective material allows for 4-way stretch so the logo won’t crack, and in testing the Scotchlite did not lose any reflectivity after 20 wash cycles so you can count on being visible for quite a while.

Shower's Pass Torch socks, with info
The Torch socks are constructed from a blend of merino wool, acrylic, polyester, nylon and Lycra that the company says provides the ideal amount of breathability, stretch, durability and compression. The combination of Merino and synthetic fabrics should provide excellent temperature regulation, so while they’ll keep your feet warm they will also breathe to prevent overheating and excessive perspiration. Merino wool also naturally helps reduce odor, which is never a bad thing with athletic socks!

The socks feature a few specific cuts and materials for athletic use like extra padding in the heel and toe zones for durability, and a thinner panel on top for a slim fit in running or cycling shoes. Around the arch and achilles tendon an engineered compression pattern helps provide support and boost circulation, and a comfort band on top of the legs helps the socks stay in place. Open-knit sections are positioned where feet sweat the most for optimal breathability.

Shower's Pass Torch socks, ankle height, black Shower's Pass Torch socks, crew height, white


  • Highly reflective 3M 4-way stretch logo just above Achilles tendon for nighttime visibility
  • Anatomical design delivers an unbeatable fit and feel
  • Compression pattern at arch and Achilles tendon
  • Zone padded areas around the toe, heel, and ball of the foot for durability and comfort
  • Top bands add comfort and keep socks in place
  • Flexible tongue zone minimizes fabric at the top of the foot, for superior flexibility
  • Extra-flat toe seam eliminates pressure points and hot spots
  • Nylon components dry quickly, breathe well, and increase durability and longevity
  • Soft merino wool breathes well, helps regulate body temperature, and is naturally odor-resistant
  • Heat and moisture management keeps your feet cool, dry, and comfortable
  • Close-fitting padding provides stability and shock absorption for stop-and-go movements and protects against blisters

The ankle-height Torch socks retail for $15.95, and the crew height style sells for $17.95. Shower’s Pass offers sizes S/M, M/L and L/XL that cover mens and women’s US shoe sizes 6-13. They are available online for pre-order as of today (May 6th) in White, Charcoal, Black and Bordeaux Red.


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9 years ago

They could’ve saved a lot of money on R&D by uploading their graphic to SockGuy.

Drew Maito
Drew Maito
9 years ago

Um. . .I am thinking this company is named after the showers that indeed do pass by, as opposed to a random mountain pass discovered by some bloke named Shower. . .Showers Pass (as their website says) instead of the oft-repeated-in-this-story Shower’s Pass. Come on, guys.

9 years ago

I am so confused, is Torch a hub or a sock??? I smell a lawsuit (and my girlfriends stinky feet) coming!

9 years ago

What Northern California is this talking about, because it doesn’t rain here. In fact, we are in a huge drought.

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