New Velo Angel Revo saddle gets squishy Nitrogen-infused foam & bio-plastic shell

Taking a cue from running shoes, the new Velo AtmosFoam is a nitrogen-infused padding material popular in modern athletic footwear cushioning. It’s used on the new Angel Revo saddle, which also gets a new bio-based plastic shell to reduce overall environmental impact while providing high performance.

Borrowing features and design cues from their Senso TT and Angel TT saddles, the new Angel Revo has their longest Y-shaped cutout yet. It measures 248mm long by 148mm wide and is available with titanium rails for $125.

velo angel revo saddle with atmosfoam padding in cali print

The Velo AtmosFoam (VAF) is not only supportive and durable, it also eliminates chemical additives typically used to create foam and it reduces overall CO2 emissions.

Velo says the finer pore structure that nitrogen creates makes the padding lighter and more responsive with more even pressure distribution. It can even help keep you cooler during hot weather thanks to lower thermal conductivity.

velo angel revo saddle with atmosfoam padding in fern print

The new EuphoraBase shell is made of a non-petroleum based hybrid bioplastic made of plant-based materials and glass fiber. Over top is a new recycled knit fabric called Omni Cover that replaces the typical synthetic microfibers.

velo angel revo saddle with atmosfoam padding

The Angel Revo saddle is available in three designs – Monogram Black, Cali, and Fern. The “Fern” design comes from Santa Barbara-based designer Molly Lofton, inspired by palm trees and terrazzo patterns. Available now.

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1 month ago

I don’t like these designs per se, but I love that they at least are offering some options next to the default, dull black. Saddles used to come in many colors, and were a great option to help give your bike a nice colour theme. Good to see that come back a little bit!